mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

well, do ya punk?

Sweet and sour today. Sweet was watching Simmo, on that Orange Plalist thingy I finally downloaded, this morning and squeeing with a friend.

Sour is the fact that a big gouge in my cd meant I couldn't upload any of the images I had to upload today. There are near two dozen folders on the cd, but the one that's bust is the one I wanted. Bugger. Fortunately I can burn another copy tonight, I hope, or I'll be quite irritated at the thought of having to run off another 70 or so scans. Grrr.

Sweet is the offer of house and dog sitting in France. I've done it before, and I've got all that long service I want to use up, so I would go, in a heartbeat. Don't think the offer was meant seriously though. Bugger. It'd be such a treat, three months in France. Please, consider me. I'll straightjacket myself into my best behaviour, promise.

Sour is bastards at work wot can't follow simple instructions or fill out the right form, send five page emails or just dump work on me before they bugger off on holidays, so I can't query their half arsed haiku instructions. Grump.

Just plain huh? was falling asleep in front of the telly last night instead of a) watching it or b) writing fic during it (that last LoM fic with not extrude itself easily, it's like trying to pull on something that's really, really stuck up the back of the sock drawer).

Further huh was my weird acidy dream that borrowed riffs from Smallville, LOTR and Excalibur (?!), amongst others, but my fave bit was reading a glossy catalogue of some exhibit of old toys and discovering that these old greasy pvc building toys I had as a kid that never, ever worked the way they should, bought by parents to mean for Lego, were actually not toys at all but 60s/70s spy kit that turned into a field radio or some such, as demonstrated by Q, and I was thinking yeah, that explained a lot, because it sure never made a house or anything like. Sometimes my subconscious cracks me up. Why I was obessessing over this old toy was weird and unexplained, because I'd forgotten all about it, to be honest, but the 60s spy kit? I just love that. And you know, it does make sense, because it sure never built what it was supposed to. Heh.

I am weird. That's one thing that keeps bothering me, and that's how anyone could read this lj and then be surprised/shocked/alarmed/appalled to discover I'm one seriously weird and moody bitch in person. WYSIWG, people.

Just back from the park. Discovered that it wasn't means or motive but opportunity that was stifling the fic. Once removed from constrained environs, it was murder and mayhem for young and old. I think the Guv is channelling Jack the lad a little too much, but never mind, it's where I need him to go. Hell hath no fury like a Gene Genie, let's say. I'm just not sure how Dirty Harry he should go. Should I let the fic go as far as it dare, or should I mind the howls of complaint that would follow. Hmmm. Sod it. Dirty Harry it is.

It's contemporary, at the very least.

Meanwhile, I logged on and had a look at the Railway Arms. It was nice enough, but nothing posted really grabbed me. Mainly because they seemed to be all Annie fans. Not that I have a real problem with Annie, but, well, she started to get annoying, always being perky and fiesty and flirting with the hero and having whatever skill was required for the plot du jour and it just started to bother me and I couldn't quite put my finger on it until someone said "Mary Sue". Yahtzee.

Someone did, however, wonder if the dreaded American version of the show would resemble Moonlighting in any shape or form. We can but hope, but I'm not sure which one would be the icy, high maintenance, tantrum throwing control freak bitch who just blows in one day out of nowhere and expects everything to be done her way. Nope, I can't see the resemblance at all - snerk.

Said post inspired me to watch an episode of Moonlighting. That was a mistake, it's much better in my faulty memory drive.

That's about it really. Had more to say but I must get this crap done so I can get home in time to watch Clive film followed by Simm film on Showtime. Look for bleary eyed squeeage tomorrow.

PS. the first person to mention Harry/Johnny gets a swift kick up the Khyber, make no mistake.
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