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Bored, I was perusuing for images, and saw The British book awards. I wonder...I thought, and there, indeed, he was. I've got your number now, matey. Heh. He looks so cute, and he's really growing out the hair and sideburns. Methinks Young Sam is going a bit native in season two.

Btw, I whined to a few folks about how terrible it was to be older than Doctor Who, and they all just fell about laughing. Cruel, wickedly cruel bastards. Hmph.

Had a silly discussion with H (think CJ from West Wing) about David Morrissey, mostly State of Play and Blackpool, and our horror that he was in Basic Instinct 2. Favourite quote from The Age: "Set in London and starring a cast of embarrassed British actors"

At least it took the edge of the morning. I thought I'd missed the bus, but I'd missed the first bus running really late. Mine trundled along twenty minutes later, only to be held up by traffic and slow passengers, making me even later, and then the police got on and demanded everyone's papers. At least they didn't have the sniffer dogs with them. My bus is early enough to catch folks coming home toasted, so you can imagine. I know some of you think I'm over doing it when I say I live in under a repressive regime, but fully armed and jack booted police with dogs threatening passengers on a bus has to be pretty repressive, right? It's the sort of thing I used to only see on tv.

So that's the morning so far: fascism (and they can't even make the trains run on time) and Simm squee.

Now I have work and meetings, oh my.

I should have gone to the park, but I didn't. Tsk. The park makes me happy, and I've not been in ages. Just seemed a bit on the damp side today. I've also been eating cheese. A workmate brought in an excellent Kangaroo Island sheep's cheese. Very tangy. But those of you who know me will know what cheese does to me, so I shouldn't stray too far from civilsation. Actually, come to think of it, most of the people who know what cheese does to me have brutally unfriended me, so there's a clue.

Now all I've gotto look forward to tonight is D&P. Not that I might, because I'm quite fond of D&P, and it'll be a massize session because there's D&P on the ABC and UKTV. I'm actually quite looking forward to it, even if it is derided as safe telly. Sometimes it's nice, like comfort food. It also sounds extraordinarily slashy, which is both amusing and disturbing. I'm all for old school cop buddy shows and northern detectives engaging in a bit of homoerotic bonding, but, it has to be said, the actual thought of D&P engaged in grim, sweaty rutting is just not for the faint hearted. Don't think I quite want to go there. Sly flirting, H/C, hand wringing and hand holding with suffice, thankyou.

Actually, better pick up a box of chocs on the way home and make a night of it.

Fuck, I am so bloody sad.
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