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I was going to be all grumpy about having to work over six hours of unpaid overtime yesteday, that's six hours I could have spent finishing off some Life on Mars fic, but never mind. The project of unusual size has clunked over into phase two, at last, and everybody is giddy with relief. There were even cakes.

I saw a giant white rabbit riding the escalators. Fortunately other folks saw him too, thus sparing me a Sam style freakout. But, weird and creepy because the bunny costume was further along the Donnie Darko end of the bunny costume spectrum than I was comfortable with. That was one evil looking bun.

I was on my way to the record shop. I should have been heading the opposite way to the park with notebook in hand, but that wasn't where my head was at. Besides, for the moment the people in this shop are decent and polite, and I'm willing to pay a few extra dollars for service over rudeness elsewhere (how nice for me that I can afford to do so these days, mind you I am talking two dollars difference here, and the loyalty card I just signed up for may yet equalise that). And in any case, it's grumbling and rumbling out there with a storm right now. I idly thought about summoning up a storm, but didn't really mean it. Damn, another wasted wish. Could have wished for Simm or cash or both, but I got storm.

Actually, I did get Simm. Another one of those mags I was desperate for arrived. It ain't much at all really, but as I said once before when I was taken to task for the complete lack of Simm in the League, it's next to impossible to acquire anything on him in this country. Sad but true.

Oh, and I typed up that once act fic I had in my head. It's not 1/100th as good as it was on the bus last night, but it'll have to do as I can't remember a blessed word, just the general gist of it. How much is lost, because I forget before I can get it down on paper or in binary. It's tragic. Well, to me, at least.

Ouch. I was ferrying around trolleys full of toner and ink and I thought that byotch was going to hold the door open for me but she slamed it shut on me. Hard. I'm all bruised. Compo! Compo! Well, I would if it was worth the effort, but it ain't. But...ow.

Meanwhile, I have achieved tickets to Dylan Moran. I wanted to go but couldn't find anyone to go with me (boring no life sods), and by the time I'd decided to just go myself they were sold out. Then some other (cool) friends wanted to go, too, and we were all pouty. But hurrah, new shows announced, and we have third row seats. I don't usually advertise my plans because of evil and childish stalkers who like to poop my parties, but I don't care. Me happy.

Today's inbox:
"A bond forged by fire is never broken" - the rather slashy promo for Ladder 49

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Simm's in a Sweeney time warp
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