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Oh, to be in England. They're having a 1973 week over on the BBC, complete with Life on Mars behind the scenes specials. Whimper.

I did like the trailer though, which can be seen here: 1973 Week. There's Sam, speeding along, out of control, and then Gene magically appears and takes the wheel. Metaphor much?

Although I think it would be gilding the lily a little to say that Gene was a wholly stabilising influence on Sam, but he tries. I mean, there's a lot of heavy lifting there, trying to keep Sam on an even keel. I feel for Gene at times, I really do. Manic BFs can be such a handful.

Of course, we never really see Modern Sam, so I've no idea how stable he was before, aside from the comment referencing some sort of personality change - another symptom or just coincidence? This show is circles within circles.

It was absolutely bucketing down while I was outside, but now I'm back indoors it's come out all brilliant sunshine. Grizzle. Had a lunch date and then dragged them through the crying men exhibit at the MCA. I am a pest. No wonder I have no friends. They liked the sleeping Becks though. So much so I had to leave them there while I went back to my desk. Righteo.

Server is up and down like a whore's drawers today, as my father used to say, which is frustrating for both work and play.

But I should probably not be reading any more Simm interviews, anyway. He's still an annoying little gobshite. There was one interview I read, which of course I can't find at all now betwixt Google and a recalcitrant server, but it was just a casual, unthinking remark about how he had to get out of town and be a star but it was alright for those he left behind, living in a small town.

Actually, John, no. You're hip, you're talented, you made it, yay. But don't mistake not escaping for not having an ambition to. Those of us, the plodding B students, we just never make the grade. We get sucked down and held down by responsibilities, obligations, duties and emotional blackmail and we just die a little more every day, but don't think we're happy about it. God, I'd love to be pretty and clever enough to get to London, but I ain't, and I never will be. I'm stuck looking after my crazy family. I never asked for this but it was lumped on my shoulders when I was six - SIX! - with both parents clinically ill. I've been little Jane Eyre ever since and I hate it but that's my lot in life. I hate being the servant to others, I hate my life and I hate lacking the talent to do anything about it. An average inadequacy indeed.

Sorry, but it really burns when smug and talented little bastards think those stuck in their plodding lives are happy and accepting. I wanted to be a paperback writer, but I know now I never will.

See? He annoys me, still. And back then he was dropping E and dating Spice Girls so you can imagine the impression he made. I love him dearly, even more so now he's older, but I still want to smack him, too.

And you wonder why I keep ending up writing from Gene's POV - grin.

Maybe I'm just dirty on John right now because a) his fans lack the tech savvy of Orlando Bloom fans (say what you like about Mr Bloom's fans, but there isn't one media appearance that isn't available for convenient download) and b) he's stuck me with the most dreadful earworm. I heard him whistling it down the corridor while I was capping The Lakes on Monday, but it wasn't until this morning that I woke up with it firmly lodged on a repeating loop in my head. Chumbawamba. Diabolical.

In other news: ARRRRGH!!!!!

LIFE ON MARS (ABC, New!) - BBC's 2006 sci-fi crime drama is being developed for the U.S. by uber-producer David E. Kelley. The Alphabet has given a put pilot commitment to the project, which is being targeted for the 2007-08 season. John Simm stars in the U.K. version as a 21st century detective who, following a car crash, mysteriously finds himself working as a cop in the 1970s. Kelley himself will pen the script and executive produce via his 20th Century Fox Television-based David E. Kelley Productions. Kudos Film & Television, the company behind the U.K. version, is also on board to produce as are original executive producers Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone.

In the name of all that is holy, no. Just no. They just can't let it be, can they? Sigh.

Actually got some sleep last night and had a very weird dream in which Lee Adama's early life borrowed heavily, and I mean almost entirely, from the life of Dave Tucker, only Lee, being the angst maven that he is, was living a considerably darker and twisted version. The hell? Is it because I found Ultimate Force on dvd at Virgin yesterday or my subconscious answering the query as to whether or not I should buy more Soldier Soldier on dvd?

Or do I just have a fic broiling about back there? As if four partially written LoM fics, (not to mention all those other unfinished works) weren't bad enough. Actually, some old muses did pop into my head today. I was surprised, I thought I'd never think of them again. Well, it's getting near to the six month deadline I gave myself to get over the holiday from hell. That, at least, is on track.

Today's spam:
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