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Heavy Grifting
Doctor Who
A masked man robs a bank. There's something inside he wants, and he's gotta have it.
Flight Plan
Flightplan (12)
Inside Man (15),,1736847,00.html
In brief: Craig to live twice as 007
B'Stard backs Blair as New Statesman returns on stage,,14931-2097976,00.html
Fresh from the dark heart of Africa,,20029-2084081,00.html
Lean and mean
'Inside Man,' a Crime Caper Starring Denzel Washington
Glorious cock-up,0,2864437.story?coll=bal-artslife-today
'Tristram Shandy' pulls off comic confusion
So many missing, but news focuses on one
Recent history is backdrop for BBC drama
Gideon's Daughter
Trumpeting 'Gideon',0,2948420.story?coll=sfla-features-headlines
The good Doctor Who has been regenerated in an affectionate and ironic update
Doctor Who, American Style
Media musings: 'Dr. Who' out of this world,1,18653,00.html
"Inside Man" Snatches Millions

Jude Law linked with Batman sequel
Jude Law: Boozed and 'confused'
Jude Law decides to stay away from women
Not His Forte: Jude Law Can't Change Car Tire
Stealing Onscreen Styles: Jude Law
Jude Law Baffled by Media Attention
He's Owen, Clive Owen
Owen almost turned down Inside Man
Clive Owen on the hunt for a family film
Clive Owen Stars in 'The Inside Man',0,1229974.story
Mask gives Clive Owen a challenge
Inside Man
New fame gets Clive Owen ‘Inside’
Inside Man
Clive Owen Is On A Roll
Clive Owen: Inside Man?
Scott says his Moses role will be the best
NBC Plans Ocean's Eleven-style Heist
Interview: Dougray Scott and Steve Harris from NBC's "Heist"
Dougray Scott and Orlando Jones Are Stars in 2 New Crime Series
Meet a multifaceted pair of jewel thieves
Con artistry: TV’s new breed of crooks makes us want to root for the bad guy,9171,1177004,00.html
Thick with Thieves
OBE for stars Coltrane and Staunton
David Tennant
Doctor Who
David Tennant
BEAN DIDN'T LOSE SLEEP OVER ARREST,15384,1112911_movies,00.html
Sean spills Beans on jail time,,1740318,00.html
Who writes the BBC's scripts? Whitehall
1973 WEEK

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