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Cats in the Cradle

Tuesday afternoon. Just lost another whole lot of hours pro bono. Grizzle. Happily Drew rings and it's laksa time. Much silliness ensues. Another friend has promised a nursery crawl. Don't know how this'll go down with the Queen of the Damned but I'm tired of losing my plants to expulsions, pogroms, death squads and mass graves. Talk about a scorched earth policy. My empty pots are all cluttered in a corner like some hideous Pol Pot leftover. She even killed my rosemary. Sigh. How on earth do you kill rosemary? Anyway, nursery crawl sounds like fun.

Picked up the Smallville comic. They've drawn Lex so he looks like a giant penis in a suit. Oh dear...(I know I've probably read way too much Preacher but really...).

I actually found the Melbourne Cup party in the office this year. I came, I saw, I ate junk food, I lost money, and it was all good. I needed my chippies and horsies. It's tradition. Yes, every office I've been in has stopped for Melbourne Cup day J I know what you're thinking: a horse race? Gambling? Drinking? Making merry? Yes, showing our roots again but who cares? It's not like we celebrate any other day any more.

I knew an Irish horse was going to win the cup. I just picked the wrong one. When I used to place bets for my grandmother, when I was a little nipper, I was very good at picking my own horses - kept myself in pocket money, which was good because I didn't get any pocket money. I'm crap now though. Another skill I've lost. Sigh. Oh well, I nearly got it right.

Smallville: The EC9 blipvert version. Okay, I'm really going to have to read the recaps for this one because EC9 have chopped the pre-credits secquence into dada-ist bits - I'm not sure I've entirely got the gist of what just happened. Some Angel of Death euthenasia is bad thing (qv my post on how euthenasia is good in cash strapped Brit hospitals eg Casualty but bad in user pays US hospitals eg ER) but I'm only guessing here, we don't get to see him actually kill anyone. Please, please release this on dvd or show it on Fox8 because EC9 is really giving me the shits here (and you thought it was just the meds I was on). J

No, wait, this episode is actually about that old American chesnut, father/son estrangement. They do agonise over it, most other cultures accept a father's role as sperm donor and little else. At least EC9 leaves most of these scenes in. Or maybe this episode's theme is back to the 80s, as Robert of Huntingdon stares down Bo Duke. Yep, Jason Connery is back. Don't pick on Jase, his daddy is 007. At least, we've forgotten the angel of death plot. Clark throws his first real teenaged hissy fit. Oh dear. Pappa Kent is not happy. Maybe one of these days Clark will be old enough to hear why Pappa Kent really hates Lionel Luthor and why he never got a spot on Lionel's football team (if you want to actually call American football 'football', the jessies).

Lex shows up, upset that Pappa Kent can't accept Lex as part of his son's life. Poor Lex, feeling so rejected. Doesn't look like Lex really knows why JK hates the Luthors, either.

Meanwhile Chloe gets that old Mulder gleam in her eye at the mere hint of spontaneous human combustion, and Whits settles in for an episode long sulk over his dying Dad. As my caring sharing very ex-friends comforted me: get the fuck over it, you loser, I'm tired of hearing about your shit.

Clark demonstrates he knows what his mum's skeleton looks like by sight, or rather x-ray vision, which is a whole new level of creepy and the creepiness keeps going. Lex refuses to come between Clark and his dad. And it keeps going and going as Lex tries to mend the rift between the two boys and ingratiate himself to Pappa Kent. Do I detect a mild thawing in Pappa Kent or is all the jaw grinding just starting to give him too much trouble for him to do it everytime he sees his son with Lex.

Watched Farscape, an episode I hated the first time round but that was the EC9 version and now it makes enough sense, makes me laugh and I like it. Cool.

Feeling dreadful so I go to bed but I wake up with the tv still on to catch a Very Buffy Xmas, Mulder and Doggett all sweaty and greasy on the oil rig together and dear Tony in the Pretender. Ezra Lite.

Oh, and I'll stop all the outrageous seppo bashing here when that idiot woman on Entertainment Weekly learns to pronounce 'Aussie' corectly (and she has to say it quite a bit these days). It's so damn irritating. You know how Jack refuses to pronounce Go'auld properly as a deliberate 'fuck you', well it's the same thing here and everytime she does it I'm sitting there going arrrgh, you bitch! Fuck you, too. It annoys the shit out of me. I've resigned myself to Bush and his cronies sending the world to hell just to keep oil prices down (free market my arse) but this idiot woman must be stopped. Quit dissing my country, learn the correct pronounciations for all of it, please. Damn Yankees. Show some respect for this planet you rule (because ignorance always leads to revolution, and you should know this). It's just so rude.

Thanks to everyone who must have sent good garden vibes because when I went out to deal with my ex plant there was a tiny green shoot pushing up through all the brown wiry deadness. So I watered, I cooed, I coaxed. Here's hoping it's not just a weed...

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