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That damn white rabbit. I can't turn anywhere this week without him being there. Last night I turned off what I was watching and there he was, scampering across the screen, hotly pursued by one Dr McCoy.

Yup, Shore Leave. This was my favourite Trek episode when I was a kiddie (watching when it was repeated in the 70s, I hasten to add). While it lacks the wow factor it had for me as a kid, I still like it lots. Very Westworld.

It's raining. Lots. The cleaner and I were watching it through the window, somewhat surprised, as there was no hint of rain when we got in.

I'm knackered. As if watching Phil all night wasn't enough, I finished off with that Cracker episode, because I wanted to see it and happened, by a sequence of fortuituos events, to have it handy. Gaolbait John indeed. So very young, so very cute, and so very nuts. I know, John Simm playing mad, bad and dangerous to know, what are the odds, eh?

Never mind. It's a great episode, really gay and he whips his shirt off a lot (versaphile missed the washing the shirt in the canal scene - the zoom button is your friend):D. There's lots of screen time and lots of angst, so it's well worth tracking down if you've a mind to. I loved every minute of it, but I always did (and I was gutted when CE copped it in the first series).

It's also fun to play spot the Manchester locations. It's getting almost as bad as Vancouver for spotting the same buildings, etc, over and over. Not that I mind, I'm a bit of a trainspotter that way. Sadly I've only managed one "been there" for Life on Mars, and only because they had somewhere associated with my family history in the background of a shot, so I'd tromped past it and taken photos, as you do (much more fun is the episode of The Champions where a car chase roars past the very London street corner where one of my transported ancestors was nicked - family history via cult tv cop shows).

Anyway, before the John fest there was Phil. I love Phil. I've loved Phil for years. No need to hunt down Phil's back catalogue because I've already got it (whereas John tends to do difficult to love stuff I watched but didn't buy, being on a budget and all). Sadly, what Phil was in last night were crap. It was called The Walk and it was about a bunch of Britons on a charity walk through the desrt and basically the whole holiday trip from hell thing, which I really don't need to watch, had enough of those myself, thanks. What really annoyed me though was the sheer ridiculousness of the plot. I've got family who work in the middle east all the time and like hell do they let a bunch of gormless westerners roam about without armed escorts. So that annoyed me. Ditto the complete lack of provisions, planning, support, infrastructure, and the wasting of water and the treking through the worst parts at the height of the day. They all deserved to die, they really did. They were exactly the very sort of fuckwits who ended up on the front pages by not taking every precaution for travelling through hostile terrain. So it was hard to stop grinding my teeth over just how badly written and researched the bloody thing was. Phil was cute though, all sweaty and hot and angsty, the poor love. Must have been a bitch of a shoot.

Meanwhile, in my fic, poor Sam is trying to prove he's sane by telling Gene about ipods, google, sushi, Ronnie for Prez and Maggie for PM. It's not going well. I think Gene's ready for a Bex and a lie down right about now (yeah, I know RR was Gov of CA back then, but it was still pretty surprising).

Better networking through Life on Mars. I am amazed at the depth and breadth of people coming out of the woodwork wanting copies of the show. I have so many brand new friends. Of course, it's as fleeting as weather, but for the moment I would rate myself at a bemusement factor of ten.

Sadly, however, I've broken and not survived this period without tears. Nothing like someone mocking my extreme pain while working (as opposed to, say, being at home in bed with the dvd player running hot) to bring on the waterworks. It'd be no more Lom for them, if they didn't have all eight episodes already. Hmph

Okay, back to work. I'm being hammered, and I'm just really in the mood to be slammed with work. Not. I've even had to scavange for folks selling charity chocolates around the place. Got a Freddo. It was a medical emergency, I swear.
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