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All my favourite actors always keep playing nutters. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, I'm still reeling from versaphile posting those pics of Phil from Silent Witness. I remember that episode like I only watched it yesterday, but he's so young, which means I'm so old. Whaaah! Still, it's a little bit better than the gaolbait John in Cracker.

I was thinking yesterday that's why I was so peeved with Human Traffic when it came out. It was one of the first things I was too old for, instead of too young. I seem to have skipped any "just right" phase. Bugger.

Yesterday I think I gave the impression of being a tad harsh and uncharitable. It's not really true, I'm just still feeling a bit more sinned against than sinning. Several people have taken brutal swipes at me in the last few months, and I'm still a bit raw and sore (as the bishop said to the actress, boom, tish).

In my defence, I should mention that I'm happily swapping Brit vids with someone who was responsible for terrible physical pain and emotional anguish a couple of years ago. I wouldn't say I forgive or forget, but I can turn the page over and start again, given sufficient time to get over myself and an overture of friendship from the other party.

I've been hurt and let down by a lot of people, but I'm still happy to call them friend, so long as I remember they're just film or dinner buddies, and not 'pick me up in the middle of nowhere at 2am' friends. My fault entirely for confusing the two, and needing the other party to be better than they are. I'm learning, slowly. Surely that's a good thing, right?

Forgot to mention Stargate on Friday. It was the one where Sam has a concussion and starts seeing things, including a creepy couplet speaking girl, but this one only has bubbles for a prop. Spake the Peanut Gallery: "No clown, no creep." Sam is also so very bloody boring as to not imagine herself stuck in Police Woman, so there was a lot of yahboosucks going on as the episode unspooled. What a missed opportunity, I say. I mean, come on, Sam Carter as Pepper Anderson? Too funny.

Saw that Sam Neill ad again. Still very, very creepy. And if a carnivorous Sam Neill lurking outside your home isn't enough to give you pause, Sam throws in some old white guy dancing at the end. I am agog.

It's certainly creepier than Supernatural, which was really going to the X Files place last night with the old haunted asylum plot (tm), right down to the flashlights and music, so it won points on nostalgia for old X Files, when it was just creep of the week, but originality? Not so much. Bit of X Files, bit of a few teen slasher flicks, throw in some more daddy issues and sibling rivalry, re-heat for 41 minutes. Bing. Done. Caution: filling may be hot. Well, at least the boys are gritty eye candy, and I mean gritty as in sprouting designer stubble, not gritty as in character. Sadly still rather 2D in the old character development department (by contrast I know Sam Tyler's first record bought was Cars by Gary Numan, his cat's name was Ivanhoe, he secretly fancies Britney Spears, and he saw Pulp in 1996, just off the top of my head).

Or maybe Ten is just chopping out any and all conversation the brothers have with each other. But right now, I don't know the boys, so I'm less involved in their little fictional psychodramas. A couple of creepy moments though, I'll give them that. Just not as creepy as the other Sams.,,20029-2084081,00.html
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