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things that go bump in the night

My rambles about lake monsters yesterday should clue you in to the idea that I'm not entirely adverse to strange and spooky shows. And so last night I watched another episoed of The Lakes (things that bump and grind in the night). But before that, Supernatural. This was billed as a good one, and it was, what I saw of it (I missed the middle act as my PC needed care and attention re downloading issues). But the opening scene where the chair is pushed away from the wardrobe? Chills, absolute chills. And it was nice to see a huge crack in Dean's armour, even if it was all about parental issues, again, but also because Sam was really weirding him out. Still, it was nice to actually pay lip service to the fact that the boys might have issues, even if they seem to have carry on baggage compared to Sam Tyler's enormous ocean going trunks.

Poor Dean, that tough guy act is going to snap him like a twig. Yay to the Dean angst. Not too sure about Sam's developing superpowers, it worked better as ordinary blokes battling the extraordinary. If they start whispering things like chosen one, I shall start making gagging noises (if only because it's the kind of fanfic I've had to beat myself out of writing, and I don't see why anyone else should get to play in my favourite sandpit).

But in any case, I liked this better than most. Finally, a little bit of character and some genuine spooky bits.

I also watched a bit of the Oscars. Just saw George's mighty acceptance speech. That was pretty much it, really. Lusted over some really nice John scenes in The Lakes (and so that's what Marshall's happy face looks like), and then found Touching Evil. Only it was the hideous US version. Argh, you'd have thought they'd have learnt with Cracker. I know friends who love it, but the first time I saw it in the US I was expecting Robson, and I was horrified. This time, it took me about three seconds to guess what I was watching, as the speech in the car was a direct lift. And therein lies the problem: I was really, really into the UK version. I know it backwards. The US version, is, by necessity, a pale facsimilie, far less intense, far less creepy, and just far less (cf a non drinking, non smoking, non swearing and non gambling Fitz). And also very brown. US shows are almost always an orangey brown, and UK ones grey or blue (it's either the quality of light, the film stock or both). Except Life on Mars, of course. It revels in brown.

There was an article, which naturally eludes me now, that began, when describing the premise of Life on Mars, that there was indeed a purgatory and it's Manchester circa 1973. Coupled with the Jacob's Ladder comments on the BBC site, I'm thinking that is where the show is going. And I think that's why I'm upset, and why I was annoyed that Sam couldn't wake up, no matter how hard he tried (as much as I want him to stay). I don't want Sam to be dead. I don't want Gene to be a figment, or worse, an allegory. I love them too much for that. Don't go into the light, Sam. Stay in 1973. You know you want to.

At least we know the Daddy issues weren't the key, as much as the episode signalled that indeed they were ("Key...key..key..."). Maybe they still are. Maybe there's a High Noon showdown in the offing. I don't care, just so long as Sam admits he's happy in 1973 with Gene and stays there.

Of course, there's still the whole Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole thang, which could point to it all being Sam's mind, or an alternate reality, or he's dead, or all three. Looks like the coma theory and the time travel are going by the by.

Meanwhile, a dear friend loaned me a copy of Sharpe's Justice, which in turn I am loaning to another friend. My gosh, it's been ages since I've seen it. Sharpe, Gene and Wesley, oh my. All in the one episode. It's not my favourite episode, but, by crickey, look who's in it.

Stepped out for lunch again, and managed to get my favourite spot under my favourite tree. What a lovely spot for writing pr0n - grin. Saw an enormous ship's mast glide past, looking like it was directly behind a stand of trees. It must have sailed awfully close to the sea wall, though. Hornblower muse, just passing by, I presume.
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