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And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today

Just a bit of spoiler space before I launch into episode eight:

I still don't know how I feel about the last episode of Life on Mars. Sure, it ended the way I wanted, with Sam and Gene and the lads driving off into the sunset (Gene does love a western), and the running through the forest flashes did actually mean Something Important in young Sam's life, but, there's just something that doesn't sit right. I may have to watch it again. I will watch it again. At least I wasn't the only one to be left not quite as absolutely thrilled as previously.

Maybe it was just the (bad) mood I watched it in. You see, I'd stuffed up again. My friend had been whining about how much trouble they went to to make dvds, so I went off and learnt how to do it myself and told them they didn't have to worry any more, thinking they'd be pleased. Instant shit storm, with me being all sorts of evil and ungrateful.

So there it was, no last episode for me or anyone else. So I was twisting and stewing until I'd made myself really, really quite physically ill and that's when they showed up with the disk, no worries. Everyone insisted it be played immediately, so I had to watch it with a headache. I was all cross and I didn't enjoy it.

Well, I did like bits: Sam's physical pain over Gene's mixed metaphors, Gene's pet names for Sam, Gene inadvertantly recommending incest to Sam, and Sam scoffing that he'd seen worse porn on Channel 4 (and I wasn't the only one thinking I'd seen John himself in worse porn, the dirty little perv). Poor Sam's dad turns out to be not a loser but a villain, a complete sociopath and criminal mastermind who plays poor messed up Sam so very badly. It was painful to watch, and that was a problem. So was Annie and Gene letting Sam get away with really, really going over the edge this time. Fortunately Gene's not the sort of chap to take having a gun shoved in his face personally. I did like that the lads had a bet on it, as to who was going to pull a gun first.

I did like Sam's insulting of Gene, and Gene's "You say that like it's a bad thing." I liked Sam appealing to Gene, and Sam actually pushing Gene back, hard, for once. And damn it if that doesn't make old Gene respect him even more. Oh, strange and twisted, those two.

I didn't like the Annie ship at the end. I'm glad Sam saved her, because I do like her, she reminds me of Sarah Jane Smith, just a bit, but lately she's been drifting into Sam Carter territory, and it's annoying. But Sam did end up with Gene, so that was fine by me.

I don't know, it had all the bits I wanted, but it just didn't sit right. I need to watch it again. And I think the fic I started will stay pre ep eight. I wonder if the quay was really the key. Getting a little heavy handed there, I think, with all the symbolism. It was very Usual Suspects meets Twelve Monkeys (though it's been ages since I've seen that). Very strange

On the BBC site they said the next season was going to be very Jacob's Ladder. Which, with the heavy handed Alice in Wonderland references ("But it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."), makes me wonder if there aren't a couple of extra scenarios on top of the time travel/coma/barking mad theories. One, that Sam's actually dead, and this is him having his life flash before his eyes in slo mo, or it's all a dream and not even Sam is real.

Or Sam has just passed out after a night with a box set of The Sweeney and an expresso machine (it's like that Black Books episode, writ large).

Will we find out? Do I care, or do I just want my 70s coppers screaming around corners in a Ford Cortina? Like you even have to ask - grin.

Meanwhile, I've got New Order stuck in my head. Peanut gallery was playing New Order dvds, so we put on 24 Party People, which is very amusing, and a neat round up of local actors. There's Our John, doing his very best Bernard, the love, and I missed, to my shame, yes, it had to be pointed out to me, Chris Eccleston as a derro in the street sprouting cod philosophy. It was a real romp. Gonna have to get my own copy. Hey, at least I was watching something vaguely cool when the visitor dropped 'round.

And I like New Order. I've always like New Order. I like their music, though I like their old stuff better than their new stuff, but they did save me once from another beating at school, which earned a certain endearment. Along the lines of "Oh, leave her alone, she likes New Order, she's okay." That sort of thing.

I thought I told you to leave me
While I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel
When your heart grows cold

I've also been revisiting The Lakes. Far too shiftless and lazy to attempt digging out me old tapes, I upgraded to a shiny new dvd box set. Oooh, that's the stuff: pause, still advance, zoom. Ahem. I honestly didn't remember John being that nekkid in it, or it being a complete bonkfest. Either my memories are faulty or the ABC gave it a bit of a prune when they screened it. Both scenarios are entirely possible, and indeed it could be a large dose of both. Oh, that shot that opens every episode: lovely. I did remember that. Must get a screencap.

The commentary was amusing too, with John whining about freezing his arse in all weathers, going mad in his hotel room, demonstrating what a football tragic he is and getting all luvvie by banging on about being friends with Ian McCulloch and the like. It's sweet that he's all starry eyed, but a couple more times and he would have crossed that line from fanboy into Little Britain sketch.

Speaking of which, I did break out into quoting Little Britain. I was scanning away during The Saint, not really paying proper attention (because I'd seen it the night before), and the local colour were carrying on so much it just segued into Little Britain seemlessly. Mind you, I was never so delighted as when I saw The Saint start with the word "Scotland", because I knew that here be monsters.

You know, that's the problem with the net and folks picking over the wrong type of tissue box in Life on Mars. It's just a show, and it's trying to hark back to the grand old days of 60s telly, like The Prisoner, where our hero (antihero?) made halfarsed attempts at escaping every week, never terribly convincingly, and was easily corralled by a giant homicidal weather balloon, which has significantly lost its dread since I saw Homer Simpson dispatch Rover with a plastic fork.

Nobody much cared if The Saint decided to go Loch Ness Monster hunting, and what grand old telly it is, too. Actually, the episode plays out very much like The Lakes, being largely about sexual jealousies and boredom. If only The Lakes had included its own lake monster, and had it gobbled up those kiddies.

Okay, maybe not, but I do love daft 60s telly, which is why I love Life on Mars. He's in 1973, just go with it. Hell, Gene does. Very flexible and open minded, our Gene. Always willing to experiment and try new things. Ahem.

The other fun thing about that Saint episode is that is almost wholly forms the basis of my stalled Jurassic Park III fic. Well, that and the Purr episode of The Avengers. No, seriously.

Also watched The New Avengers reheat that old replaced by a double chesnut, and Gambit proves there are worse fake Oirish accents on tv than Angel (but only just). The Sweeney, by contrast, had that old tv chesnut of replacing survelliance camera tape with some pre-recorded empty corridors during a heist, but, damn me, this was in 1975 so I'm thinking it has to be one of the first runs at that plot device. I fell about laughing when they unpacked the vcr and it was an old reel to reel beast (yes, I am old, but my government school's equipment was even older). So that was amusing. I wonder if Sam will do any of these first time around crimes, like that very early episode of computer crime in The Sweeney, which involves actual hacking, with axes.

H. just handed me a German choccie bickie that calls itself Butter Keks. Okay, moving on...

And I'm deeply amused that she spent all weekend at work, just for some peace and quiet, and they held a rock concert in the park across the road. Apparently the old building was shaking. Too, too funny.

Heh. Just checked on the dvd progress and there was dear Chris, multitasking with his tea, biscuits and time of death. He's just too sweet, is Chris. I forgot to mention that Marshall is in season two of The Lakes, and in the second episode his character gives Danny (Our John) a real good perv as he walks past. I had to watch it three times to make sure, but he is totally checking him out. Very disturbing, but also bemusing. Pre-empting Chris/Sam by nearly a decade. Heh.

I wonder what's going to happen in Life on Mars, now that we've cracked open the locked box of Sam's daddy issues? And isn't it always daddy abandoment issues with these people? And why do mother issues always equal serial killer? But, anyways, Sam still worships his rotten father, to a dangerous extent, and I wonder if there will be any fallout later down the line, what with Sam pulling a gun on Gene and letting his Dad escape and everything. It was painful to watch Sam being a little boy when he should have been a DI. Well, he did remove the bullets in his gun, but he was still so terribly messed up and not thinking straight. It was right for the character, but hard to watch. I kept wanting to scream at Sam, because his hero worship of his father made him extremely stupid and naieve to the point of being a danger to himself and others.

Still, they all ended up at the pub, so it can't be so bad, I suppose. I just wonder, if Gene is prepared to look the other way as far as Sam goes, is Annie? But does it really matter? Do they reallly exist or are they just ciphers? And will Gene stop calling Sam Gladys? I hope not, it cracks me up.

And now I have Split Enz's Dirty Creature stuck in my head. I guess the unseen lake monster analogy does well for Sam's state of mind, ie, he's barking. Drowning or waving? Hard to tell.

Dirty Creature come my way from the bottom of a big black lake
Shuffles up to my window making sure I'm awake
S'probably gonna pick my brain
Got me in a vice-like grip
He said one slip, you're dead. Ha.
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