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Quote of the week, to sum up the office this week:
"We trained hard, but it seemed every time we were beginning to form up
into teams, we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that
we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising, and a wonderful
method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing
confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation."

Attributed to Gaius Petronus AD66, a Roman general who later committed


Oooh, just caught a quick glimpse of Sam as I was changing windows on the ol' pc here. There he was, leaning back in the chair, feet on desk, all black leather. Damn hot.

Yes, yes, yes, still with the monomania. I tried, last night, not to give in to it. I gave the second dvd to the family to test, in the middle of their favourite show, thinking for sure they'd turn it off again in thirty seconds. Or when the end credits finally scrolled up. Ooops.

I love that show. I love all the myriad of little expressions on Sam. I love it when he does the Bodie face. I see it more and more now. There's a pic of Simm as Sam, which is on my to scan pile, that I looked at again, and I suddenly realised John had struck a Bodie pose. Exactly. A quick check against the source material proved this theory, and I was in hysterics. Now everytime he does it, I crack up. Then I read an article where he copped to basing bits on Bodie, and I can see it, and it just cracks me up. Not all the time, but just every so often, it's there. Very amusing.

We were watching the mill closing episode, which is heart breaking in parts, especially when Sam touches the cold bricks, but also very, very funny, with shoot outs, brawls and insults. I really love the scene where Sam unleashes a volley 21st Century weasel words. I'm not sure, but it could be the scene that inspired this (from the BBC site):

"One abiding memory is when John Simm had a long technical speech that was really difficult. It was a long, tough speech. Marshall Lancaster made a bet with John that he wouldn't be able to manage to get the whole speech done in one take. John went in a corner and really concentrated, we had a couple of rehearsals where he stumbled over a few words so Marshall was rubbing his hands thinking he'd won the bet.

"But when it came to the take, John nailed it first time so that was it. Marshall had to drop his trousers and walk the full length of the CID corridor half naked."

I do like the sound of a set that indulges in public nudity. Now the essential questions to ask are top half or bottom half, and will it be on the dvd? If only, eh.

So after Life on Mars we switched across to Smallville. Insert sound of needle being ripped off old vinyl here. Bit of a groove change, but it always is, flicking from UK to US shows. I just wish the US would learn that you can have biting social comment and sliding across bonnets, and they don't have to be mutually exclusive. And I'm talking The Guardian style social comment, not a shoe-horned into the plot party broadcast from Family First, which is what you get in Smallville. Watch me make gagging noises. Not that US shows can't do social commentary, it's just that, well, the Peanut Gallery said they might have actually watched The West Wing if there had been more car chases.

The it was flipping betwixt Lost and Medium (if the long, long ad breaks synch up, this can actually work) and then the old good cop/bad cop on Law & Order. Nice try, gentlemen, but no cigar. And no car chases.

Oh, good result. Normally I do the whole casual Friday thang, but today I felt like wearing my best black stripey shirt. The Guv just dropped by, for the first time ever, so good call. I also managed to dig up some obscure photos from the archive for another boss. Hopefully it'll make up for the two typos of doom I let slip out yesterday. Honestly, I was so tired I couldn't register the words Ewan and McGregor (I had to fish the email out of my bin this morning) so what hope did anything else have?

My Word prog also keeps resetting itself to American, which is annoying me no end. If it doesn't stop doing it, I'll be giving it a word in its shell-like, Gene Genie style.
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