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take a look at the lawman

Alas, no piccies of the lads today. I'm not sure I could ever top yesterday's official otp piccie. I swear, if you can find a slashier official promotional picture for a television series, I will eat one of my many hats. You can even choose which hat, because I bet you'll never find a better picture. No chance.

Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

The show actually does start with Sam beating up the wrong guy. No wonder he's starting to settle into the 70s. It doesn't take long for buttoned down Sam to loosen up and get violent, and by the second episode he's asking Annie to fetch him tea. Tsk.

Yeah, I watched the first two episodes again last night, and noticed a few more things, like the way the squad room is just a fug of cigarette smoke. Oh yeah, I remember my first job in an office full of chain smokers. Choke. wheeze. Cough.

I also noticed that Sam's 2006 girlfriend taps on the head and wonders what's going on in his head. She's worried because they're having relationship issues, not realising that Sam's just been sitting on a private hankering to be roughly mandhandled by a swaggering chunk of manhood named Gene Hunt.

The fact that Sam's listening to retro tunes and having an emotional moment when he has his accident may also be clues to where he's ended up, be it the past, a coma, a hallucination, madness or death/limbo/afterlife/purgatory. There are ticks in every column. Sam can cut himself shaving, but is the shattered mirror a clue? There was a whole forum thread on whether an anachronistic box of tissues were merely the result of sloppy set dressing or a clue that this was all in Sam's head. Sam's auditory and visual hallucinations and visitations go under the mad/coma columns.

Then there are the characters, which some have thought of as projections or ciphers for parts of Sam's mind, Gene and Annie in particular. Or are they just really good 70s sorts?

And why 1973? Evidence thus far, and from teasers for the last episode, show that Sam has some deep unfinished business and issues from 1973, from his missing cat to his missing Dad. Maybe he is there to put right what once went wrong, and why does being called Sam instantly up one's chances of time travelling within one's own lifetime?

Gene says Sam requested his transfer there, so perhaps there's something more in that.

Sam certainly seems to have settled down into his new life. At first he's all at sea, but now he knows his way around, and he's a different person. The old Sam looked as though he rarely smiled or cracked a joke or ever paused to smell the roses, but in the second episode, there's Sam chasing a villian through the streets of Manchester in his speedos and lying on the grass, looking up in the sky and giggling at the insanity of it all. For all his moaning about wanting to get back to his old life, Sam is having fun, he's making a difference and making friends.

To me it almost looks as though he's starting to forget he ever lived another life, and is shocked when that other life intrudes, often in the form of unconnected phonecalls, radio and tv broadcasts. And that terrifying test pattern bitch? That's a tick under the mad, coma, and some sort of deus ex machina columns.

I also really liked the comment in episode six (where I'm up to) where Reg refers to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, while looking at Sam, as if expecting Sam to take his meaning directly. In fact, characters, like Nelson, and Neil who vanished after episode one, often talk to Sam in ways to suggest that they know what's going on. Or they could be just talking shite. This is a show that loves to hedge its bets. But it was a nice reference in any case. If I were Sam, I'd be borrowing that book from the library, but Sam seems more intent on his police career - some things never change, it seems.

Questions, questions.
Will Sam run into other people like himself, from other eras?
Would Sam ever think to look up Gene if he ever gets back to/wakes up in the present (provided he's recovering from a tv coma and thus not more veggie than man)?
Will Sam get his own car? Didn't he have his own car in the pilot?
Has Sam started enjoying himself in the 70s?
Is Gene the best tv copper ever?
What does Gene really think about Sam?
Just how many hipflasks does Gene own, exactly?

This is going to be one of those bastards shows where the dust may never settle definitively on all the questions, philosophical, metaphysical, etc that it has raised, no matter what the final episode may bring. Oh, and they're filming season two in April (with plans for season three). Yay. Let's hope they don't overcook this bird because it's perfect. So darn perfect.

This is what I've been missing in my life. I haven't watched any of those namby pamby cop shows this year. No CSI, no Law & Order. Not now that I've got my Gene. He's a proper copper. He's a professional police officer. He's my man. He's just fabulous.

Yes, obviously I've been carrying around a bleeding Jack Regan sized hole in my life, which sounds graphically horrible, but at least now there's a cure. I'll have one order of Gene, with a side order of Sam, thanks very much.

Although, ironies or ironies, even though I was eschewing CSI NY for Life on Mars, I still had the very same Who track being played. Tres amusing. Hope I die before my songs become cop show fodder?

Life on Mars is a concept that has just being dying to be made. We were watching an episode of The Sweeney just before Xmas and they started playing a game of catch with the evidence. We thought that if one of the guys from CSI was there, they'd be having an aneurysm. Poor Sam is that guy. Just imagine it, one of the chaps from CSI trapped in The Sweeney. Poor Sam.

Though he seems to have settled a bit, or rather, is adjusting and making do. It's the ethics, morality, legality and methodology that have him jumping up and down now. The lack of technology he just has to deal with. And as much as I understand Sam's point, reeling in horror from such outdated practices, I can see how some smartarse with all these clever new ideas would be really annoying. I can see why Gene feels the need to smack Sam every so often. I once was bright and keen and as annoying as Sam, but now I'm an old dinosaur like Gene, and I don't take kindly to be corrected all the time.

Not that Gene doesn't take what Sam insists on on board, bless him, he does, but Sam can be so bloody anal and uptight about everything. Sam can be very bloody annoying, I should think. Sweet, messed up, confused and hopelessly angst ridden and adorable Sam, but also very, very annoying. Dear Gene. Patience of a saint, that man. The bastard with a heart of gold, as some review described him.

Aw, I can't not post another couple of piccies of my fave lads, from Life in 1973
Yes, this pic is very, very Due South, and yes, there are many comparisons that could be mademeanwhile at the disco...

Can you not love them? Can can you not love a series that has that chase to Live and Let Die?

When you were young and your heart was an open book
You used to say live and let live
(you know you did, you know you did you know you did)
But in this ever changing world in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry
Say live and let die
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Live and Let Die

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