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The Biehn Project: Deep Red

Friday: Managed to only pull a ten hour day and managed to actually get through the front gate without being given a rake, broom or hose. Went out on the new veranda to find all the currawongs sulking on the hills hoist. They don't like smoke, either. They wanted comfort food. So I was chucking them bits of bread and one started catching the pieces in mid air so I started tossing more pieces directly to it, throwing the bits up, to the side, over there and it caught them everytime and we played and played until it was just sitting on the end of the hills hoist, tired and stuffed, and I tried to pot pieces into its open mouth like those clowns at luna park. A silly game but a wild animal chose to play with me. It was magic. Until the sun set and it was bedtime for Bongo. Of course the next day everyone wanted to play catch, especially for chips. Alas my throwing sucked and there was a gale blowing, so the game didn't last half as long.

Saturday: Dark Angel: This is the episode that inspired part 7 of my M7 fic. No, really. Just a small throwaway scene, but I could use it. This time around it's zen and the art of loathing Jennifer Blanc. You know, the last time I watched this I couldn't give a rat's arse over who she'd been shagging, but then I thought about it. Really thought about it. Oh yeah, scrag the bitch.

So I end up writing more M7, though when one's fic turns into a kitchen sinker, it's time to pull the plug. Good grief. You've no idea how dire it's getting.

Buffy: The two Xanders episode. I know it's wrong but I'm really seeing the Riley/Xander here. I know, I'm sick and I need help (but they have more chemistry than Buffy/Riley or Xander/Anya. I'm just sayin').

Andromeda: A kookaburra in BC? Those crazy sound effects guys. It's always so sad because tv jungle noises never sound half as exotic as the screeches and chattering outside my window every dawn. It's fun to play spot the Oz bird song in SF shows, although 'song' isn't quite the term, caterwauls morelike. Further twitchiness - they didn't overdub the always less than majestic twittering of the bald eagle on last night's Gate. American shows usually overdub it with a more manly red hawk or something. Danny should have been so busted for what he did, civilian or no. Heh, send the Tolan to Woomera, bloody reffos. That'll sort them [joke].

Mutant X: It could be so slashy, I mean the entire premise is metaphor city, and it's so not. I just don't get it. How do they manage to make a show so bland? And whatever uni they film on in Toronto is such a dead spit for my old uni it freaks me out. Second hand plans, obviously.

Sunday: You can never have too much John Hannah. On Arena in McCallum and on UKTV in Rebus. At the same time. The Guide made the heinous crime of reviewing Rebus as bringing the gritty streets of Glasgow to life. Ahem. Since when has Glasgow had a big fucking castle sitting in the middle of it. Hmph.

The Biehn Project: Deep Red. I'm so glad a friend sent this from the UK because as the BBC logo fades out we're treated to BBC SFX. I haven't seen space ships that crappy or wobbly since the heady days of Blakes 7. Yikes. Then the list of tv B actors rolls past. Double yikes. Q, Mr X and Schanke just fer starters, and it's not like I haven't had enough Schanke this weekend. Michael starts out looking really haggard then I realise this was deliberate he gets the nanobots and a chancer he brightens up considerably and morphs into his very scrumptious self, with some truly lovely shots. You see, that's why Mike never made the A list - he can act occassionally, the silly boy. Silly plot, too, that reads like a bad Stargate episode: alien ships, nanobots, artificial immortality, mad scientists and muderous milkmen - though I always love murderous milkmen so points for that (cue Pretenders song now). The whole ending had that horrible failed pilot feel. Hmmm.

At least Adventure Inc will keep him from making any more dire tv movies for a year, so there is a silver lining. Not that it was that bad. I mean, hell, I watch Stargate, even Andromeda, and this was on that level. It weren't exactly great, though, either. The Chandler-esque Private Dick stuff didn't really mesh with the sci fi bits. Still, they appear to have hired a former Professionals cameraman because it was crotch shots ahoy, and that scene on the beach I need a screen cap of, stat. Most fun I've had all week, that's fer sure. There were some really lovely shots of Michael in this, and I have seen worse Stargate episode, much worse. Why am I stuck on Stargate? Because just about everyone in this bar Michael has been in Macgyver, that's why. Yikes and yikes again. Speaking of which, I hear they're making a new series of Macgyver: the next generation. Why?

Hitting the off switch I'm suddenly in A History of Britain and singing Oliver's Army cause it's the Cromwell episode. Some sad Gen Xer in production obviously felt the same because suddenly we do indeed have Elvis Costello crooning away. Yes! "Protestant Taliban" - tee hee. Such a wicked lad, and I just know he was quietly comparing Cromwell's England to some other steadfastly fundamentalist Puritan country, snigger.

Magnificent Seven: Nemesis. Chris stalks into frame in those oh so tight black jeans of his and I'm thinking Oh, I can't help myself, when I feel this way I want to be someone else...When I get this feeling, it gets in my system, I can't put the brakes on...Ahem. Let's ignore that little flashback, shall we (but I can't help it, I'm hard wired that way now). Much Chris histrionics this ep, and a lot of mean Biehn. Yummy. Just one cute Ezra bit, alas. Lotsa Chris/Buck, lotsa Chris/Vin (the slut) and even two seconds of Chris/Ezra, if you really want to reach for it. Hey, Chris actually smiled at him, fer chrissakes. Fic has been built on less. It all ends up reminding me of a slightly more beloved Young Riders episode. I don't mind. Too bad Jimmy would be dead by the time the Seven come around. Not that one couldn't write the adventure of young Chris and Buck and somebody stop me. Please.

I once mused somewhere that Chris' spurs, while a ridiculous conceit, certainly gave one a good indication of his mood. Ah yes, I believe it was at Escapade and there were demonstrations of what Chris sounded like if he were angry or really, really angry. Then last week I read one some MB list I'm on how the crew thought Chris' spurs were highly impractical but at least they gave a good indication at the sort of mood Michael Biehn was in. Heh. Like I'm so surprised to hear that boy is has a temper. It's written in his walk, and that scowl - you don't get that without lots of practice. Heh.

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