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I have a shiny new fandom and a shiny new OTP. Go on, guess. You can't, can you. It just hit me last night. Wham, bam, one terrible needs to be rewritten pretty much pwp, but there it was. I knew it would happen. The moment I read about this show, I knew. I've even been squirreling away bits and pieces on the show, for when the time came, when my love of the show suddenly flames wildly into full blown fandom. That moment is now. And I'm going to just try and enjoy the ride. You know, download the pics, read the fics, try and stay out of trouble.

So I watched some Life on Mars last night. God, I love Gene. I really love him. I love Sam, too, but it's Gene who makes me laugh. The dear boy.

Also watched House, because I needed my Hugh fix (though I watched Prison Break in the many, many ad breaks). The House/Wilson wasn't so good this week, but any episode that revolves around a kid with cancer was going to be dire, so it wasn't as if I wasn't forewarned.

Sort of watched NCIS, but flicked over to catch a review of Casanova on the Movie Show, with a brief sound bite from Heath, the mumbling Australian, and then flicked back when Sienna "Bury me in a Y shaped coffin" came on.

I can't stand that woman. You know, ambitious actress dates actor to get in the papers, fair enough, I suppose. But she's gone after Jude, Orlando, Daniel, Hayden, fact, there's too many list, and it's just so shameless. I was trying to remember which character she reminded me of, with her ruthless uphill shagging, and of course, Bro had the answer: Becky Sharpe from Vanity Fair (was Philip in that, or am I just imagining him in every frock drama because he's in every second one in my dvd collection? A quick check shows he was, indeed).

Ah, I always wanted to see Sharpe vs Sharpe. Now that would be something.

Good grief. An entire month of nothing to do and now it's all happening this weekend, when I'm not up for anything. I'm supposed to be going to the markets/the gallery/shopping/a film and now I've just been offered another invite. I'm tempted to tell them all to, um, well, ask for a raincheck, but the last one I'll take. It sounds like fun. Heh. The gallery I'll probably do too, if I'm going to have drag myself from my bed anyway, and the show is closing Sunday, so it won't be put off. I'm not a big impressionist fan, but it's rude not to go see any imported paintings when we get so few. Well, I said it'd take a cracking whip to get me out of bed this weekend. Heh.

Meanwhile, I am the pimp queen, having hooked two colleagues on Life on Mars. Heh. It helps when you pimp with pork buns :) People will watch anything for a pork bun.

Last night I was treated to the news headline: Abbott versus Costello on abortion. Happily, common sense has prevailed. Or maybe just the cost of propping up already ailing health and education systems.

Best go. It's hot water bottle time and I've probably already gotten myself in hot water.
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