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the big smoke

Smoke gets in your eyes. I mean, holy crap. Thick acrid smoke has rolled into town, reducing visibility down to about 2 metres, and that's inside my office. Crying shame I didn't bring digicam into work today, because the view from my window is frightening. I can't see more than a block.

We've got Stargate on Thursday and Friday nights at the moment, and to distinguish S1 Jack 'n' Danny on Fridays from S6 on Thursdays, I accidentally referred to Thursdays as Just Jack. Which quickly became [Will & Grace]JUST JACK![/Will & Grace]. Oh yeah, that's gonna stick.

Stargate: Wet n Wild. No Davis in a wet t-shirt, damn. Much Davis hand wringing though, and Davis as the comedy foil - think Carter in Hogan's Heroes. Think Maxwell Smart. That's how on the ball our hero is. Jacob isn't about to adopt Davis, either, I see. In fact poor Davis gets Endora like sneers from the grouchy ex-General. Everyone is still giving Jonas stick. Good. Keep it up. This is Stargate doing a poor man's Posidon, really. Too bad they weren't doing Titanic, heh. Or the Abyss. Mmmm....Coffey...

Dark Angel. No Alec. I'm bereft. Still, we do get Original Cindy and Logan has finally lost the Dawson wannabe hair so it's not all bad. Not really sure of the plot, I seem to have missed an episode, or Ch7 removed previous revelations for me, and the Beauty and the Beast chaste courtly love thang can only end up one way so it's a touch tiresome for a viewer who's been down this path many times before, but, you know, I still love the show and I'm sorry it's gone. I mean, they cancel Dark Angel but Mutant X gets another series? What world is this?

Stargate: Enigma. Here we go, naughty men in silver space suits, and bad TV1 for suggesting that Daniel's midnight interlude atop the mountain with the grouchy old alien (what is it with Danny and grouchy old men?) was romantic, with sky rockets and everything. Ah, Foxtel, you know you're watching it right. I love the way Danny bursts in on Sam and Whatisname like an annoying younger brother. Very convincing apology, not. Heh, maybe Daniel was the one disposing of Sam's paramours. I mean, look at his behaviour here. There's means, motive (insanely keeping his family close?) and opportunity, and has anyone Sam has flirted with since Mr Swirly Cloud 2002 departed to fairer climes actually kicked the bucket? No. See? QED.

Forgot to mention yesterday I'd actually meant to take a sickie in lieu, ie just take the day off to sleep, but the builders still ain't finished and I'd woken up at 4 am sweating from fever swirled nightmares so work (and picture trawling) it was. At least all those MB pics took my mind off my worries. Thanks, Mike.

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