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Damn. I wanted to de-flock because I wanted to prove I had a sense of humour, on rare occassion, and all I did was whine some more. Sheesh.

Okay, here are some dubious extracts from previous posts:

9 Feb 2006

Hee. Those faux Brokeback trailers have tickled me. Tee hee.

Ditto the news that "Batt" aka Ben/Matt might be back in the saddle, so to speak. Oh, please, please, please. And I forgot to mention the wickedly so funny I damn nearly sprayed coffee everywhere birthday present my brother gave me: The Ben and Matt Box Set. It's not often that an RPS is enshrined in box set form. I'm tickled and remain tickled. I wuv my Ben/Matt box set.

So, anyway, got home late, tea was a quick stir fry, with even quicker noodles that were nearly forgotten, and watching Blackadder. Which remains brilliant, and I wonder if Gwennie studied Bob for her Oscar winning role? So naturally House was chosen over all the other contenders for my viewing eyeballs that night. And I hate it that there's pretty much buggerall to watch all week, but it's a major pile up at 20:30 on Wednesday nights. Stupido. But anyway, watched House, which was mildly amusing in a few places, dreary and self righteous in others, almost approaching a St Elsewhere level of nauseousness. Never mind The Issues, and forget the rest of the cast, bar Wilson. Can I just have House being rude to everyone? Thanks awfully.

Speaking of St Elsewhere, afterwards I suffered to watch Mark Harmon actually being slashy fer once in NCIS. I know my friends are all there for the slash, but until last night, I just could not see it. I guess I need a bit more to push me over the line than two guys on the screen at the same time. But the requisite words and gestures were there, so I see it now. Not sure I'm into even, even though I'm fond of the actors, but I see it now.

8 Feb 2006

Jason King is out on dvd. A whole box set of Peter Wyngarde. Oh dear. I may OD on camp.

I've also ordered Veronica Mars, so I can thumb my nose at Ten on Friday. Ah, the power of the internet. You were right, the show does get better, a lot better. I was just into loving it, damn their eyes.

7 Feb 2006

Supernatural I did like. The story made some narrative sense, once again showing the benefits of a quick google, and it had some real creepy moments, even if the toilet posession just screamed X Files. Still, it was nice to see the lads in black suits and the exorcism mid almost crash was a nice touch. The boys are still acting their little hearts out and over all, competently done. I'm not entirely sucked up into the magic of it yet, but I do enjoy watching it.

6 Feb 2006

Watched Life on Mars, which I adored. Especially when Hunt winked when he slammed into the cardboard boxes. He knows what I like. My PC has been duly papered in LOM. Also indulged in The Saint (it's sad when tv dictatorships are less sinister than current reality), The New Avengers and The Sweeney. There was Smallville (sort of, I had to water the garden and missed most of it) and Carnivale and an episode of The Hardy Boys on dvd, because I have neither shame nor critical faculties.

Veronica Mars was enjoyed on Friday, but now that I like the show they're taking it off - arrrgh! Charmed finished up, but I worked through that too and couldn't tell you what happened.

4 Feb 2006

Whoo! Just watched another two episodes of Life on Mars. Bloody brilliant, and the music rocks. That test pattern girl still reaks me out - she shits on anything Angel ever did. And how about the Basil Brush acid flashback? And Roger Whittaker as plot point? Hee.

Episode three was the best, and the best bit of telly I've seen in ages. Flares, fast cars, carboard boxes and The Sweet and Bowie and T-Rex and if that ain't enough, it was also a very poignant piece on the high human cost of economic rationalism. It was so sad when Sam touched the bricks and they were cold. Another era over and done with. Brilliant stoey telling. And it totally rocks. Watch this show.

Now we're watching Sheffield bands, you know, Human League, Heaven 17 and ABC. Fun. I wasn't allowed to go see the Human League, and even now I have to wash the dishes instead of listening. Grrr. ABC's That Was Then was very de ja news, though. De ja news is when you play back on old tape, and the newsbreaks are still sound current, like my old Red Dwarf tapes that cut to news breaks about Bush and the Gulf War.

3 Feb 2006

Oh, watched Lost last night. I'm kinda bored with Lost, and from the lack of chatter online, I suspect I'm not the only one. Worse, it's going to be on opposite Medium, which I grew to like over Summer. I ended up flicking between the two, easy when we have such long, long ad breaks (twice that of the States, hence the need for dvds to pick up the missing ten minutes or so). So not fair. They hook me, then move stuff around so it's not convenient. Of course, I should have more in my life than tv, but I don't. Lost was more of the same nothing. I'm really losing patience with it. It's like later X Files already.

Medium isn't brilliant, but it had a nice, convenient timeslot, and it was a nice and gentle show, just when I wanted to wind down in front of the boob tube after the sun had set. Perfect Summer viewing.

2 Feb 2006

I watched Prison Break last night and I loved it. Absoloutely loved it. Great production values, photography, sets, snappy dialogue, intriguing plot and interesting characters. It grabbed me from the get go. Not to mention I've always had a soft spot for Dominic Purcell and Wentworth is just so pretty pretty. I loved it so much I even dreamt about it.

So it's a complete bitch that it's going to be on opposite House next week. Now, I love House, but just House and Wilson. The other characters, the premise, the stories, everything I don't give a rat's arse about. So I am deeply conflicted. I think I'll watch the boys behind bars and source House another way (and yes, I know I had PB ready to rock on wee telly, but the part tamagotchi piece of shit has also ceased to talk to me after my holidays, grump).

I'll sort something out, but I'd really like to watch a few more episodes of Prison Break.

Sigh, and I bet folks are slashing those brothers too. Like Supernatural and, worse, Numb3rs. Now I guessed it might happen for Supernatural, but never in my life for Numb3rs. It never, ever occured to me. You people are sick. Stop it. It's icky. Two guys, fine. Two brothers? No way. This is where I draw the line. It just makes me squirm and say eeew a lot.

I guess I really am an old fuddy duddy (I could never poo poo RPS because I think I accidentally opineered the genre in my early mispent teens). But I really do draw the line a sticky fraternal bonding. Eww.

Oh well. At least it's not as bad as Simon and Simon slash. I can at least say that.

1 Feb 2006

h, you should see the front page of the Herald. One big, big pic of kissin' cowboys. It made my day. And Heath got an Oscar nod, yay. He won't win, of course, but someone from Home and Away finally got themselves nominated for an Oscar. Well, I never.

I certainly never thought all those Home and Away boys I bitched endlessly about a decade ago, mainly for taking up valuable real eastate in the local versions of mags like B and Elle that had Jude and Ewan etc in the UK editions (it was a sore point, okay?), would ever amount to anything. This year's awards season has proven me very wrong. All Home and Away boys, no Brit boys. Well, fancy that.

And I'd love Heath to win, but he won't, and it's a shame and unfair. Especially as, personally, I find Hoffman a very, very affected actor, certainly in everything I've ever seen him him, but I guess they like that sort of thing in the States. Heath is too damn subtle, and too damn Australian.

No, really. His body language is Australian, and I think it gets lost in translation. It's probably why I prefer British to US actors, but now that there are lots of Aussies on screen, I see it more and more, those non verbal cues I can read so clearly, down to the most precise nuanced meaning. I really noticed this when watching an old Rod Taylor film, the closest I get to a local lad done good, and in this old film, which I forget now, he just gave a look, and I knew that look exactly, it was part of the local parlance, and it bemused me.

And ever notice how Australian actors tend to let the accent slip when playing drunk or annoyed? Too funny. Heath should win an Oscar just for not slipping. I'd love it if he could win the Oscar, but he won't. Life ain't fair.

I think I want to go home early and watch The Hardy Boys. Yes, it finally arived, via Germany (nice one, amazon), but the box did perfectly for packing away my Italian crap, and, well, I just had to. I'd primed myself to expect the worse, so I was relieved it was a few points shy of being as bad as I thought it must be, as it obviously would not be the show I remember watching as a kid. It was still pretty dire though, and I kept repeating to myself that SC redeemed himself at least with American Gothic.

It's funny how much I remembered of the first episode though, the trail bikes, the van, the flares, the hall of mirrors. I didn't remember Richard Keil being in it though (yay!). Nor did I remember Parker Stevenson having this huge tent puppy in these oh so tight shorts and just when I thought it couldn't get worse, a local copper bends down to inspect the offending knob, or the doorknob with fingerprints. I'm not sure, I was covering my eyes and pleading with the cameraman to please film something else, anything else, at that stage. It was as wrong as wrong could be. Actually, there was a whole lot of wrong. Like the opening scene where the boys discover their father has left for a "fishing trip", but has left all his gear behind, so they follow their dad to a bar, and he leaves, followed by another guy in a car, and they park in a dark cemetery and the boys wonder what on earth could be going on. I sniggered of course. And I wonder whether or not that was deliberately eyebrow raising, as a lot of shows from that era were a bit naughty, if you wanted to watch them like that. Ah, the 70s, bless 'em.

No wonder I turned out so evil, bad and wrong. Heh.

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