mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

tap tap whoa don't throw stones

Heh. Ye olde Sports song. *Really* showing my age here.
Strangely not caring today. Had day off from Das Gulag, so I've had a sleep, I've had tea on the veranda overlooking the garden, and, I went out for lunch.

Dearest friend dropped over with goodies and an invitation to lunch, so off we went to our fave Viet. joint in Strathfield. So I ended up getting the salt and pepper prawns I'd craved all week afterall. Brilliant. AP came along, had a big seafood hotpot, then knocked her coconut juice *everywhere*. Still, it's not a great meal if you don't have to shower afterwards, I always say.

Dropped home in time for an early episode of Moonlighting, which I'd also been weirdly craving this week. I was getting all my treats.

Perfect day. Why, I even picked up a copy of The Perfumed Garden out of a bargain bin.

Oh yes, there was also watching The Lost World. I don't care what you think. I love it to bits, cheesy darling that it is, and watching Rebecca Gibney get offed by a pack of painted savages is worth the price of admission, imho.

Okay, I'm going to try to flock this lj less, which means I'm going to have to practice self censorship more. Obviously, I need the practice, but still, what is an LJ if not a place to vent, to say that X is a shit because they did Y (and a pox on those who copy, paste and forward private rants).

Personally, I'd be more inclined to keep my own mouth shut more often if folks adhered to the simple rule: let she who is without sin cast the first stone. Nothing like someone setting themselves as a paragon of holy virtues and an example to others to make me want to, well, offer another perspective. I just can't help myself, though I should.

I also don't like people being mean. To quote Buckaroo Banzai: "You don't have to be mean".

Still, I do realise I am a grumpy old woman these days. In my youth I was open and all embracing, even to vegetarians with leather fetishes (how they reconciled the two philosophies remains a mystery to me), but these days, so many people just make me want to slap them and tell them to get over themselves. I guess my diplomacy and hipocrisy chips just blew out from years of abuse. Sigh.

Never mind. The friends I have left, they ain't perfect, and they sometimes make me see red, or they fail to catch me when I fall, but I forgive them all their tics and foibles, they way they forgive mine. I appreciate each and every act of kindness and generosity, even if I don't show it like I should.

In short, I'm only human, but prick me, and do I not bleed?

Okay, a bit pmessy for such a perfect sunny day, but I'm still sore from a recent threshing, so bear with me.

Veronica Mars in 70 minutes. I can't wait :D


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