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deadlines, disasters and drama queens

When we last left our struggling heroine she'd dragged her flu ridden self from her sick bed to stand as the lone IT person all Friday. Friday, no less, ie, deadline day. As I finally trudged home, barely managing to put one foot in front of the other, my brother saw me, crossed the road and offered to carry my bag home for me. That's how wretched I was.

No Robson so I curled into bed, and that was my Friday from hell. But it didn't stop there. Oh no. Saturday and Sunday I was booked into an urgent and timely Flash course. I knew a bit of flash but I'd never done a whole site in flash because it's usually frowned upon for pages legally required to cater for the lowest common denominator but the Minister wanted a flash site, by Wednesday if you please. So off I went. If that wasn't bad enough, Saturday was Granny Smith day, the closest we get to any sort of harvest festival down here and I look forward to it more than Xmas. Of course, it's only worthwhile if you find people dressed up as dancing apples delightfully twee and not tragically dire. It's where I've bought all my best plants, clothes and trinkets. But not this year, and I felt the sacrifice was way over the line. Take it as read that I was very miserable about having to get up and go into the city when I was sick and on Granny Smith day, of all days.

X Files: A Doggett episode. Happiness. I really like Doggett. REally, really. TPTB really screwed up here by not just having all Doggett all the time. In Law and Order it's always here are the new characters, deal, and never let us speak of the other guys again. But in XF instead of having all Doggett and Monica all the time, whom I really like, just when the show gets into a groove it's back to 'Where's Mulder?' - and like I give a fuck these days. They killed the show, just because they couldn't let go. Morons. I liked the new guys, possibly even more than the old guys, at least from S4 onwards, but that's just me.

So I did my course, up at 6 and home at 7 both days. Missed out on the last part of the course due to the building catching fire, but that's my life. Had to evacuate so I didn't get to save any of my work to use as templates. Ditto.

Monday. Meltdown. In a nutshell, I was desperately trying to make these pages with only half a clue, Evil Dept X is going all Swimfan on me with emails every 15 mins or so asking is it ready yet, a database and two servers crash, a cd of due last week content gets lost in the mail I'm the only one in the office again and nobody is taking 'tomorrow' for an answer. At 4.15 I tell a guy flat out no, I can't do what he wants that day and he starts screaming down the phone at me, and to my eternal shame - I blame it on being ill and exhausted - I jusy burst into tears and I keep crying until a nearby manager comes over, gets the skinny and sends me home.

Well, at least I imploded rather than exploded like in May. Same problem, nobody taking no for an answer and me trying as hard as I can to make everyone happy until I snap.

Trudge home, cry for another solid hour or so, just from sheer exhaustion as much as from misery and humiliation, watched Roswell (did I mention that Colin Hanks was in last week's Band of Brothers as the green Lt - check off that character cliche. Six degrees of Roswell, Press Gang and Grange Hill), 24 and Band of Brothers (sans Colin, which is just as well otherwise I'd have OC'd because it was a big Alex episode in Roswell).

Tuesday. Meanwhile, said kindly manager has sent of a polite email to his boss about my plight, ie unreasonable multiple deadlines, no decent project planning to speak of, etc and to my unspeakable horror it's gone all the way to the top and back again so that Evil Dept Head X actually comes and apologises to me personally. Cringe. That's the sound of my career in this Dept being over. Bloody fucking hell. I'm done for.

So, there you have it. How to kill your career stone dead in several easy steps. Don't try this at home, kids.

Gotta go, more due last week deadlines that I'm just hearing about now. Looks like another long day in the trenches.

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