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Smallville: He said turn around, Lex, not assume the position. Nevertheless, assume the position Lex does. Force of habit, I guess. So far, while drowning in my own mucous, I've watched Chloe thrown out a window (why Chloe and not Lana - there is no justice in the world), Clark and Lex sizzle up the screen with very flirty looks over the top of young Chloe's blonde head and Clark get all angsty and Dawson whiney, as per usual. Whits has an existential crisis, followed by an extremely homoerotic tattoo session (remember Scully and Cooper in that episode of the X Files?), then he gets into a sneering competition with Clark. Lex totally has no time for Lana. Yay Lex. "Slashing your fuel bill?" asks EvilCh9. No, just slashing the boys, thanks. Ack, I think EvilCh9 just returned in kind by cutting some more Lex/clark slashiness. Bastards. But we do get Lex giving Clark such a look. Oh my. Such heat for Clark, so much ice for Lana. I love it.

After my fluffy desert, here comes Farscape. Lookit, all the gang. Tee hee. Happiness. The last episode of S1, whatever it's called, in case you were wondering. Everytime Braca comes on a certain Regurgitator song pops into my head, for no apparent reason. Heh. Ew, Scorpy is fondling the boy. Please, stop that, stop that right now.

Wednesday: I feel awful. Worse than awful. And if one more person tells me nobody's ever died of the flu I will clobber them. Coincidentally on my fading tv it's the episode where Buffy has the flu, too. Stop it, you're making me feel worse.

Stayed up past my invalid bedtime due to jittery flu tabs to watch more Buffy and Angel. The evil hand episode. Lindsay. I miss Lindsay. Lots. And I get my half hearted wish: Chris Kane in a tank top on Thurs night in Broken Hearts Club. Whatever happened to Chris Kane anyway?

No Stargate so it was Meet the Ancestors and subliminal Dawsons. Spent most of the day wallowing in bed and feeling like crap when I wasn't subjected to the horror that is my local quack's waiting room. All I wanted to do was sleep but nooooo, the builders who were due in March chose now to finally show up, so I get a concerto for hammer and saw. And the singing - I thought for sure one of them had but a nail through his foot, it was that bad. So I spend my day listlessly half watching repeats of the X Files. I'm going to suffer Doggett withdrawl tomorrow, I just know it.

I did get some Stargate though. Due to the nature of it's plot (the one where Teal'c is tried for war crimes) I can't say anything without severely bagging Seppos so I'll keep my peace, which is more than those damn Seppos...ooops. Well, bugger it, listen to that episode and you'll see why I erupted with howls of "bullshit!" at regular intervals.

On a happier note, I was still awake to watch Dark Angel, thanks flu tabs (I get all the jittery itchiness but none of the relief) and I got to watch Alec. I love that boy, I really do. He reminds me of, well, you know who he reminds me off with his cheeky charm and mercenary ways.

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