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Bafta honours emerging talent
Jensen Ackles Eyes a Super Second Half
Critics honour Brokeback Mountain
"Brokeback Mountain" wins three Critics' Choice Awards,1,18115,00.html
The Critics' Chosen: "Brokeback," Reese, Philip,12589,1683179,00.html
Brokeback is Critics' Choice,4029,1682506,00.html
In brief: Brokeback Mountain taken off Utah screen
Fans play TV series "Lost" like an interactive video game
This Week's Hot Pick: 'Red Eye'
Why Glasgow is one of the world's top 10 destinations
Kaiser Chiefs lead Brit Award nominations
When Theft Serves Art
Literary Fakes and Frauds
How a 'forbidden' memoir twisted the truth
The Strange Case of Helen Demidenko
The new cell of paparazzi
Brideshead was setting for royal war escape
Oscar blow for ledger,16883,1666072,00.html
Leave the lion alone,,1657756,00.html
'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'
The Blue Mountains passage that made Darwin wonder
Scientists play leapfrog to help save a species
Rowdy neighbour gatecrashes the Milky Way
Cough medicines 'of little help'
Spielberg movie in Bafta mishap
Tribute to a two-wheeled speedster takes slow road,7445,1682850,00.html
Lost horizon: when travel brochures turn to fiction,3605,1678143,00.html
Scientists use stem cells to grow replacement breasts on mice,12589,1683216,00.html
In brief: Raimi heads for Discworld
Taking the edge off celebrity gloss
Bride zaps 'rat eater'
Saint Sebastian
The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian
Saint Sebastian
St Sebastian
Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene
Saint Sebastian
Saint Sebastian
The Dying Saint Sebastian
St. Sebastian (Botticelli)
Paintings of Saints
Links to Images of Saint Sebastian
St Sebastian T-Shirt
Subjects of the Visual Arts: St. Sebastian
Grace Cossington Smith
Grace Cossington Smith
Grace Cossington Smith
"Brokeback Mountain" Australian Premiere
Ledger blasts Brokeback ban
People in the News: He shoe-d Scarlett away
True love to cold blood
People's Choice picks 'Star Wars,' Ellen and 'Earl'
Revenge of the Sith top pick
Jolie and Pitt to have baby,1,18129,00.html
Brad and Angelina Reproduce
Entertainment News: Brangelina Expecting, Colin Farrell Sex Tape and so much more!
Farrell sex tape site shut down
Hit list '06 - television
Hit list '06 - film
Mum's the Word for Veronica Mars' Dad
Does 'Narnia' Actually Suck?
Crowe to perform on Australia Day
Urban dictionary
Decoding Egyptian Hieroglyphs: How to Read the Sacred Language of the Pharaohs
Study: You can't be fat, middle-aged and healthy
Cyclops kitten no hoax
Lost Time, Lost Lives in the Mine
Gluttony is the sin that Italians can't stomach
Voodoo celebration gets into the spirit
US Army its own worst enemy: British officer
PM pledges $100m to help climate
"Breakfast on Pluto" Dublin Premiere
'Match Point' - Woody Allen
Jackman Sharpens His Claws for More of Wolvie,5478,17741700%255E2902,00.html
Making up for axed film,5936,17741636%255E31624,00.html
New guise for Hugo as V in Vendetta
Brody and Lucas on Batman 2
Warning: 12 days with the crazies in TV land are gonna twist this sister
Warner Bros. 2006 Movie Preview
Q'Orianka Kilcher Talks About Playing Pocahontas in "The New World"
"Batman," "Brokeback" make top 10 list
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" 100th Episode
Where is the rum
The Saint
The Saint
Return of the Saint
Obey these rules and you needn't put a foot wrong
Plastic Bertrand is back
Mum's the Word for Veronica Mars' Dad
Hollywood finished? Not by a long shot
Top five God versus the Devil films
Trial Opens in Prison Slaying of Ex-Priest
Teen breaks leg killing spider
And now, it's fluoro pig
Plants to blame for methane
Dust to dust: what survives the death of a solar system
When it comes to teaching this colony is the ant's pants
By George, it's golden
Moving to the dark side
Children of the damned
My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady
Serenity And Beyond
"It's Like Buffy, But Scary""Brokeback Mountain" Sydney Premiere
Stars await Golden Globe results
G'Day LA: Australia Week 2006 - Penfolds Icon Gala Dinner - Arrivals
G'day, LA, try prawn dipped in Vegemite
Glamour Magazine Golden Globes Style Suite - Day 1 (Skeet)
AFI Awards Luncheon - Arrivals
Kiefer Sutherland
Glamour Magazine Presents Biolage Golden Globe Style Lounge -Day 1
12th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party - Arrivals
Golden Globe showdown
Back From the Dead, a Secret Agent Is Ready to Save the World Again
What could be Jack's worst day looks like a great one for '24' fans
Films in Need of a Little Nip and Tuck
Valentine vows?
Who is this Jerry Bruckheimer guy, anyway?
The Weekly Shriek -- Sexiness and the Wizard
Mickey Mouse Has Grown Up a Cow
The Last Empire: The Naked Civil Servant
Josh Lucas takes his best shot at playing a legendary coach
Guest Columnist Joss Whedon Eyes the Future of TV
"House" Press Party for TCA
World Heritage bid for the home where Darwin's work evolved
Was Colombus really a Catalan pirate? DNA test will decide
Ancient sea crossing may be missing link
Stone Age whodunit is solved
Baby blues can last a lifetime
Junk food link to mental illness
Peter Wyngarde Information
The Avengers Forever: Peter Wyngarde
Peter Wyngarde
Annette Andre
Skippy le kangourou

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