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Look into my tie, look into my tie, not around the tie, in the tie. You're under.

Oooh, the 300 site is up. More togas. Though you'd think I'd be over togas by now. Especially since Saturday night's Saint was The Man who Like Lions. It's one I always seem to watch, though finally I could go 'been there, bought the t-shirt' over that being stadium place thingy that is somewhere in Rome, I believe, but it's Peter Wyngarde going all Basic Instinct with a toga that distresses me so, even when I know it's coming up and I've steeled myself as best I can. My eyes, my eyes.

And they call Brokeback gay. Heh. Glossing over Roger Moore in a toga, as though one possibly could, I will instead remark that the New Avengers and The Sweeney offered up some fine local talent: Annette Andre in the Avengers and Ed Deveraux in The Sweeney (Ranger Matt! No!). Fantastically fun.

Sunday offered up Smallville and Carnivale, werdly less atmospheric than on wee telly in the wee small hours. Monday gave us the first episode of Supernatural, which was far less scary than the first time I watched it on Dell Boy. That first shock really got me. Again, it's time, place and the complete lack of picture quality on my current tv. Ah well. Still, can't complain. I do find myself still mightly fond of young Jensen, and this time he finally gets some decent face time, being a lead, at last. Aw, my wee boy is all growed up.

Speaking of growed up, the writers were showing their age, again. Dean is supposed to be twenty six, but he's into bad 80s rock on cassettes? If he were thirty six, absolutely, but twenty six? He should be a cd boy. His brother should be mocking his lack of iPod. But never mind. Jensen is pretty and wisecracky and I know better than to ask for more from my tv these days.

You'll have to excuse me as I'm all mumbly grumbly today, despite recent application of chocolate. I shouldn't be this grumpy as I've just had three days of seculsion in the fortress of crap with my hot water bottle, but, it was over 30C and over 70% humidity, thus, not so much fun. I accidentally steamed myself good and proper yesterday, a right steamed gowgee, falling asleep with the e-blankie on high, which I'd switched on solely to ride out some very nasty crampies, and it's made me extraordinarily grouchy. I can't complain over stupidly self inflicted heat stress, but, oooh, we're ooogy today.

Thunderstorms also crimped my style somewhat, though I did manage to catch up on some Galactica (near nekkid Bamber!) and when that ran out, I finally cracked open my Space: Above and Beyond. I've had it for over a month now, but I've been wary, because I really, really loved the show when it first came out, and, well, what if it sucked? Especially as I remember being underwhelmed the last yime I saw it on Fox8.

Still, time heals all wounds, well, some, and while it has its flaws, it wasn't a bad little show. And when I said BG borrowed from SAAB, I was being kind. BG MKII is pretty much a thin retooling of SAAB with a thin veneer of old BG mythos laid over the top. It is sooo SAAB. I don't mind, but credit where credit's due, you know?

The main problem with Space, to my mind, aside from the over enthusastic over use of military jargon, which I called them on at the time, is the fact that too often they forget about the characters and the immediacy ofthe situation to ramble on about the big picture in overly talky pieces. I do admire that they were trying to do something intelligent with a military series, but spending screen time explaining film theory and the history of war time images to a Fox audience, well you can see there was going to be a problem.

The best episodes were the ones that just dived in on a chacracter and stayed there. Okay, so my favourite episodes revolved around a certain Cooper Hawkes. He still sex on a stick, though RR less so (last seen in a bit part on Angel). McQueen (last seen on 24) is still fun to watch, too.

The lack of extras disppointed, especially as it was one of the first really net savvy shows, and they could have offered up some of stuff they used to have online, but never mind (I think I have most of it anyway). I ended up watching the one with the weird Johnny Cash subplot, just because. You'll be happy to know the once edited testicles line is present and correct in the R1 dvd, at least.

Speaking of thunderstorms, it's thundering and absolutely bucketing down as I type. It's also lunchtime. What an evil conspiracy. If I want to stay dry, having just about dried out from this morning's dunking, I must starve. Evil, just evil. Oh, and this morning's dunking? Doubly unkind. Bastard bus shelter man came and made us all stand out in the rain while he hosed down the bus shelter. Not happy. Not at all.

Uh oh. Just accidentally outed myself as a showtune queen, again. I can't help it. I spent my entire school career in the chorus line, mainly to escape lunchtime bullying, but as a side effect it means I know My Fair Lady, South Pacific, Sound of Music et al backwards. Oh dear.

Did I mention how much fun I had though, watching My Fair Lady on tv on Xmas eve eve? Even though there was a lot of mst3king going on, especially during Fredie's stalker ode, "On The Street Where You Live" (Restraining order mean anything to ya, Fred?), or recoiling in horror when Eliza ditches the dippy but malleable Freddie for the impossibly smug, self absorbed, extremely high maintenance and entirely gay Prof Higgins (cf "I'm an Ordinary Man"). Wonderful stuff.
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