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news digest - BRITS
UK TVguide
Maybe the Stars Have Gotten Small After All
Luscious new 'Pride & Prejudice' updates the mating game
Children open a door and step into an enchanted world of good and evil -- the name of the place is 'Narnia'
Queen honours star-studded Scots,6737,1676966,00.html
Master class
James McAvoy
Young croc meets old Python,,2100-14413-1968160-14413,00.html
1973? You're havin' a larrf
Weathering the Storm in London, Which Has Creativity to Keep It Warm
Christian Bale Talks About Discovering "The New World" with Terrence Malick
Malick's vision of Pocahontas is well-acted and visually stunning
The decline of the British empire
Movie-ticket sales plummet in face of Web, games, DVDs
Jude Law's Sienna ban$15126022.htm
Jude Law banned from Sienna's set,1,2158345.story?coll=bal-artslife-today
Sienna Miller doesn't regret taking Jude Law back
Dark Water - The Darker Cut
Sienna Miller Bonds With Daniel Craig,15384,923808_movies,00.html
Craig wants Sienna as Bond girl
MODERN BOND,4136,99832,00.html
Not quite on track
Children of Men pic


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