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It's Friday and I'm expecting a thorough Rodgering tonight. It's our new term for a chronic 4.15er from Head Office. A 4.15er, for those who don't know, is a complete prick who dumps urgent projects of at least 2-8 hours duration, if you're lucky, on you at 4.15 in the afternoon and it always has to be done before start of business the next morning. Hence my 14 hour day yesterday as everybody else had social engagements so I was left alone to be Rodgered well into the night. It's a term that works on so many levels. Good thing I don't have a life and a ready supply of blank vcrs for taping my shows in such emergencies.

Rushing out of the office late at night, I was suddenly alerted to the fact I actually hadn't eaten in over two days. Eat your enormous arse, I tell my body, but it threatens to go on strike until I feed it, and now. Miraculously, there is food available at this hour. I'd read enviously of the noodles at night in the city, and fancy that, there was a mini version here, a row of half a dozen tents strung with pretty Chinese lanterns, all very Bladerunner, and surprisingly well patronised for the number of people out and about in boonieville on a cold, wet night. A couple of spring rolls staved off my imminent faint and I picked up half a dozen Thai fishcakes for Bro, who had been loudly craving them all week.

I also had to pick up a layby I'd put away in April and had completely forgotten about. So had the store, apparently. Still, in spite of the fact that Tuesday was so hot I was afeared they'd find nowt but a large grease stain on my bed in the morning, last night I swear it sleeted on me as I walked home, so I may get some use out of my big fuzzy coat yet.

Stopping off at the local supermaket to pick up some frozen jam doughnuts because the hormones DEMANDED it, I squeaked home in time for Stargate (Redemption #2). I'm actually liking the geeky scientist guy. He won me over with his catty cracks about Anubis, and the way he was creeping out Sam. Reminds me very much of some ex suitors I've known, only tv guy is much more charming, and bathed. It might be the sugar rush but I'm actually enjoying this. It feels like Stargate. It looks like Stargate. It even sounds like Stargate. It's certainly better than a lot of episodes from last season. Mind you, SG1 is always strong out of of the box, but let's see how they go in the long run. They managed to may Ryak less annoying, but Jonas still needs a lot of work. Cranky, hobbling Jack ain't working for me. I miss fun lovin' Jack. I guess deep down he is mourning Danny, afterall. at least, that's the way I want to read it.

Meanwhile some dvds I'd ordered ages ago from Amazon had finally arrived, via Frankfurt. Sigh. Seppos, what are you gonna do? Can't kill 'em, can't facilitate a regime change. Apparently only 10% of Seppos have a passport. Apparently 0% of Seppos actually study geography in highschool. Anyways the box was broken into sometime during its travels but the contents intact. Poor Michael Biehn, not even worth stealing these days (or mentioning on the cases of dvds he actually stars in). My parcel also happily contained a few more additions to my I Spy collection. Ah, I can just feel the Kelly and Scotty goodness seeping through the wrapping and warming me right through like a nice hot cup of tea. I love that show, just as good as the day it was made, yikes, nearly 40 years ago now. Yeah, I know, it's all very much screw the UN as much then as they do now, but I'm just watching it for the boys, and their oh so tight white jeans :) Oh, and the pretty locations. I've done an I Spy tour of Hong Kong and San Francisco. Hmmm, must study the Japan episodes :)

Dark Angel: I'm really, really warming to Alec, and not just for the too cute to be true factor. He's showing a dark and conflicted side tonight, and that's the warm happy sound of my character angst buttons being hit. I also really loved the 'famliy' dinner scene. I liked this episode. Logan's had a hair cut, mercifully, Cindy got a few lines and Alec brooded, beautifully. What more could a girl want?

Stargate: Singularity. The first sight of Daniel causes a definite pang of loss. Didn't feel it before, very much feeling it now. Now I'm reminded of what Stargate was like when it was Jack and Daniel, though this episode is very Sam/Daniel shippy. Very much so. It's the one where they turn Cassie into a living bomb, though considering the Shannon Doherty uber brat she becomes, one can't help but wishing maybe she had detonated down at the bottom of that missile silo (used a lot in Highlander). Nice to see Sam so human in this episode, in fact all of tonight, rather than the WonderSam of S4 and S5 or the FemmoNazi she started off as in S1. Kudos to Amanda for bringing such a 2D character so robustly to life. Daniel is being all goofy and naieve and Jack is actually shown to give a damn, and have half a brain. When SG1 works, it works. It's just sad when it doesn't, but I had two good episodes tonight, so I'm happy.

Quote of the day: Anthony Head (Evening Standard, 19 December 2001, UK):

    I ask if his character in Buffy has his own action figure toy.
    "Oh yes," he boasts, "I articulate in 14 positions and I'm a choking hazard."

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