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That's a wrap
Adam's Top Ten of 2005
Standout scenes, but not a lot of standout movies
Hugo Weaving Talks V for Vendetta
Hornblower, Still Under Full Sail
Cruise 'irritates most' say fans{323A877D-BE7D-47B7-B0D2-F5C1F1445E89}
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Meets His Match
People in the News: Lots of tidbits for Brad Pitt fans
TV got better in 2005, but it's the extreme stuff we'll remember
In Pursuit of Unhappiness
Duchovny on 'The TV Set'
Fantastic Four does justice to Marvel Comics
Who's who in celebrity cribs
The Awful Truth
John Barrowman is a God and we should all erect shrines to his glory immediately! (gaked from evildrem)
Winging it: what's next for all the president's men?
Net difference between the sexes goes all the way down the line
Peace and goodwill to all, except Tom Cruise
Blizzards bring chaos in Europe
The heat is on: a scorching taste of things to come
British woman weds dolphin;jsessionid=BHORBYPD1UMDBQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2005/12/30/ncrusoe30.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/12/30/ixportal.html
Airbus pilot maroons drunken passenger on desert island
'Mary Poppins' show inspires Hollywood remake with a spoonful of Spielberg,3604,1675173,00.html
The story so far

now with wings


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