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BRITS - new, pics, reviews, interviews, etc
No Ewan McGregor This Time
Scene stealers
Cilla Blacks Makes Play For Jude Law
Miller regrets talking about break-up with Law
Jude Law's ex in romantic getaway
Goodbye Mr Darcy, hello minister
Patricia Heaton plotting her next series move
Hollywood lands on streets of Woolwich
Sin City (Recut, Extended, Unrated)
Christian Bale Discusses "Batman Begins"
Go, ape: Best of 2005: Film,0,1896888.story?coll=cl-home-more-channels
Presents from across the sea
NBC planning a spring or summer 'Heist'
NBC lays out season-long 'Heist' plans
Craig reveals more about next Bond
Moneypenny: Craig not “handsome” enough
SFM Review: Munich (2005)
Daniel Craig Dishes the Dirt on 'Casino'
Daniel Craig Talks Casino Royale
Jude Law


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