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right, I'm off on hols. Back soon with stuff, promise.
Phoney war movie,12830,1640489,00.html
Sounding off,12589,1639421,00.html
DiCaprio on the Blink
Depp on Moss
Sarsgaard a sharp shooter in Jarhead
Fiennes and dandy,5744,17262349%255E16947,00.html
Passionate end for bride and prejudice in US
McGregor set to make motorbike trip to Africa

The art of going it alone, even with the crew
Honours for Ewan and Sienna
Aniston "Derailed" by Clive Owen,6737,1640636,00.html
Up for the big league,12589,1643052,00.html
Mr Darcy clinches US success
The Awful Truth

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