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hellblazer06's Halloween party:

_inbetween_ dressed as a character from "Nosferatu".
akire_yta dressed as a bottle of Valuzsertxade.
ameyakoi dressed as Michael Schumacher riding a dog.
apocrypha_ dressed as the Duke of Busby.
arderei dressed as the King of Tajikistan.
cycnus39 dressed as a widow.
diamona dressed as a skunk.
drubee dressed as Martha Stewart.
evildrem dressed as Mr. Spock from "Star Trek".
frickabrandis dressed as a elephant.
keiko_kirin dressed as a lethargic mummy.
klia dressed as a Mississippi & Company, LLC employee.
kyashieru dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Annoying Magician.
lady_of_asheru dressed as a new superhero: Mammoth Elf.
lerefuge dressed as a Level 10 sorcerer.
lilithlotr dressed as a quick asset.
lonelybrit didn't dress up, spoilsport.
mabiana dressed as a mummy, though it looked more like Bob Dylan.
maidazia dressed as a resistance.
mellyflori dressed as Hurricane Zachary.
mimseygreenleaf dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
minkboylove dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Federation of Steel.
nightbird18 dressed as Mel Gibson.
notmonkey dressed as Optimus Prime.
pootray dressed as the Eternal Power Ranger.
ravenscathedral dressed as a pitcher for the Padres.
sammie323 forgot to put on clothes!
sekhmet2 dressed as Yu-Gi-Oh.
silverthoughts dressed as Marilyn Manson.
slb44 didn't dress up, spoilsport.
spring_1970 dressed as Peter Jackson's sister.
strangekitties dressed as a kicker for the Broncos.
stranger_still dressed as a 1980's yuppie child.
terrible_tues dressed as Osama bin Laden.
varina8 dressed as Mark McGwire.
versaphile dressed as the love child of Mark McGwire and Pamela Anderson.
weiwei007 dressed as Cameron Diaz.
widget285 dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Elvira.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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