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Ah, you guys dodged a bullet today. Unlike yesterday where I woke up happy and was rapidly disillusioned, yesterday my day kept on being crappy, all through the night (me working for hours and hours when I was overtired to the point of stupidity while others just sat and read papers, insert cinderella persecution complex here), right up until I got to work this morning, with very little sleep. You see I just discovered it's a long weekend on Monday. Yeah, I know what you're thinking but all my calendars are presents from friends overseas so I know all the public holidays in Canada and Britain but remain entirely clueless about my own. So as you can imagine, I pretty much have the floor to myself today. I've written some M7 fic and perved at pics of Biehn and Close to get me in the mood. Yeah, I know it's a Buck and Ezra story, but the B plot is Chris and Vin and I thought I should round it out a bit. What's that, I should be writing Stargate? Tried thinking J&D last night, or rather this morning, and all my muse would come up with was all M7, all the time. I've decided to go with the flow and it feels like a nice hot cup of tea. Mmmmm. Which I've also indulged in. Ah...a few solid hours of quiet time. Happiness.

No Stargate last night so I chose to pick up Meet The Ancestors, which I adore only it's almost always on opposite something I have a duty to watch, like Stargate. Today it was all about Celts and their bogs. Why do they always think all those knives and daggers end up in the rivers in some Arthurian ceremony, rather than the way guns, knives and swords end up in rivers these days - disposing of the murder weapon. I mean, they dredged three swords out of the river here this year and I doubt any of them were chucked in there to honour any river god. They also had my favourite, the poncy Oxbridge guy drafting these complicated elaborated meccano constructs to demonstrate how Iron age people built things and they're always so fiddly and never work. Meanwhile a bunch of labourers just do it the way it's always been done and get the job done in under three hours. In this case, instead of silly tripods and swinging weights they just jumped up and down on the wooden poles to drive them into the mud. I reckon several heavy drunken celts pogoing up and down are as good as any pile driver. Certainly the practical demonstration proved it was so.

After than I managed a five minute Pacey fix. Ah, Pacey, how I miss you. I'll have to pick up my very guilty but not so secret DC fix when TV1 (I hope) play the season later in an encore performance.

Once a Thief. Apparently they made two endings to the series, depending on whether or not it was renewed. In one, they live happily ever after. In the other, they all die horribly. In Melbourne, I am reliably informed, they got the happy ending. Guess which one we got? Mutter, grumble, gripe. Now you know I adore a crappy ending, but hey, I wanted to see the happy ending this time. Oh well...

X Files: I've never seen this one before. They want you to believe that Scully has shagged Mulder but it's all a tease. It's the Scully discovers Buddhism episode and it was really hokey and clumsy and yet at 1 am in the morning and me being rather restless and fretfull, I must admit I kind of enjoyed it and kudos for attempting a stylistic theme throughout the episode, even if it was a touch heavy handed - I realise by necessity they must jump up and down and scream 'hey, stylistic theme here, pay attention!' for the majority of average X Files viewers. It had some really nice touches and I enjoyed it more than most Scully episodes, which, aside from my fave with Rodders, ain't sayin' much.

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