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more hormonal tetchiness

Woke up to the smell of roasting coffee this morning. Really roasty as the Gloria Jean wharehouse is burning down. Those Starbucks guys, they'll do anything, heh J. The whole morning is tinged pink as the early sun hits the smoke that has settled over the neighbourhood like a soft brown mist.

Was amused to read the ode to Ike Eisenmann in the paper today. It's school holidays so the midday movies like Deadfall have been replaced by movies like Escape to Witch Mountain. There were three drooling paragraphs in praise of Ike, boldly stating that if you were under 12 in the 70s (which I will neither confirm nor deny) then Ike was IT. Well, yeah, he was in a lot of things I watched. I'm surprised anyone else has ever heard of Ike. Too bad the reviewer was a guy. Ack, it always happens. I mean, he actually name checked Fantastic Journey. Who, aside from me, has ever seen it?

There were a few other actors I remember from those heady days of childhood (ahem, had I been born then, of course), including, ye gods, Michael Biehn. One, who shall not be named, because it's just too darn embaressing, used to pop up in everything I watched in the 70s and 80s, and it was funny because I was feeling nostalgic one week this year and there he was, whenever I turned the tv on. Ah, if only it was that simple with all my actors.

Speaking of my many interests, there's been a second tv guide out for the last few months, which I haven't bought because it has singularly failed to feature a picture of any actor I fancy. Now, as my Bro cruelly illustrates, if you kicked a bag full of actors you'd hit somebody on my list, well, you must admit, that's an impressive no hitter track record. What the hell demographic are they aiming at?

Enterprise: the season finale. Scott in his undies: check. Scott shirtless: check. Okay, losing me here, guys. The temporal plot is silly, an obvious backdoor to the other francises, too much like Quantum Leap for my comfort zone and having the crew discover they weren't wholly responsible for the destruction of the mining colony doesn't make the colonists any less dead, or the probability that they could have been entirely resposible for the catastrophe any less of a reason to take a good hard look at themselves. Disasters like that can't be shrugged off as somebody elses problem, there still needs to be careful close investigation of what happened and new checks and resolutions made to prevent anything close to that situation recurring, as you would in any proper coronial enquiry. Oh wait, they're American. Silly me. Not their problem, driving on. Skin aside, I didn't really much like this at all. The whole episode seemed focused on trying to wriggle out of blame, rather than trying to formally examine what happened and to take on board the painful lessons learnt. Typical prevailing US attitude of "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything" and to just carry on, denying blame and doing nothing in the way of compensation, rehabilitation or apology. I've lost all sympathy with that crew now. There's such a thing as responsibility, whether or not they were to blame, they still had a duty to offer whatever help they could to the peoples they so devestated by bringing their temporal war to the colonists' doorstep. So, they're the kind of people who drive by a road accident, just because they didn't actually cause it? It might be the prime directive but it ain't humane. Hmph.

Oh, damn, I so didn't want to rant today. I didn't type up any of my miserable mutterings from last night on purpose - though I did see a ripping doco with lots of ideas to stitch into my jungle story. It's all Spring outside. Ay me, back to work for this little morlock. Wish I was at home watching vids, my usual drug of choice, or writing, or both. To paraphrase the Ten ads: Want Chris. Need Ezra.

Speaking of me needing a holiday, as everyone has suggested - well, they actually used the word vacation but I prefer to use holiday, it's more musical on the tongue and brings to mind happy movies from the 50s and 60s. Anyways, I need to go somewhere CHEAP, and, strangely enough, Turkey is bargain basement right now. I can't imagine why. Hmmm, holiday in a war zone? Stranger things have happened.

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