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Casino Royale
An interview with Cameron Crowe, director of "Elizabethtown"
Daniel Craig takes on 007 mantle
Daniel Craig: Our Friend in MI6
My Firth My Last My Everything
All roads lead to optimism in Crowe's sharp-witted 'Elizabethtown'
Daniel Craig Unveiled as the New James Bond in "Casino Royale" - Photocall
Daniel Craig's mother blows the new James Bond's cover
New Bond only the 2nd Englishman
Latest Bond 'not shaken' by media
Orlando Bloom: Face values
Bond defects to the East as Britain's tax regime bites,12589,1590366,00.html
From GoldenEye to golden hair,6737,1586434,00.html
'$225m isn't bad, I guess',12589,1592348,00.html
Mum has the word: Craig is Bond,12589,1592512,00.html
Daniel Craig confirmed as 006th screen Bond,5478,16929233%255E2902,00.html
New Bond shaken
We expect you to dye, Mr Bond ...
Craig expected to be named new Bond
Craig arrives in style as new Bond
Not so secret agent: new James Bond revealed
Awards chance just what the Doctor ordered
Bond breaks Law ... and Miller
Mum reveals Bond secret
Mother blows cover of the new James Bond
The new James Bond is Craig, Daniel Craig,5744,16937560%255E16947,00.html
Plainly, he's James blond,5936,16917257%255E7642,00.html
Orlando in full bloom,20281,16930476-5001026,00.html
New Bond named,20281,16893985-5001026,00.html
'Blond Bond' in the frame
Jude and Sienna split again
New James Bond looks like being a Mummy's boy;jsessionid=1JOQLX2HDQ5KPQFIQMGCM5WAVCBQUJVC?xml=/arts/2005/10/14/bforlando14.xml&menuId=564&sSheet=/arts/2005/10/15/ixfilmmain.html
Orlando Bloom - all-American boy
Craig handed licence to thrill
How Craig beat his rivals
My boy Daniel is Bond
It's James Blond
Sienna's revenge on Jude
How Craig beat his rivals
All bets off as they tip it will be blond, James Bond
People in the News: This girl just wants to have fun
BBC backs its explicit Rome epic,12589,1590366,00.html
From GoldenEye to golden hair,12589,1592812,00.html
First blond Bond goes into action
Bond is back, bad and playing it by the book
The new James Bond is Craig, Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig is Officially James Bond!


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