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"North Country" Los Angeles Premiere - Black & White Photography by Chris Weeks
"North Country" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
"North Country" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet
"Elizabethtown" New York City Premiere - Outside Arrivals
"Elizabethtown" New York City Premiere - Inside Arrivals
Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom Visit MTV's "TRL" - October 10, 2005,,266-1816423,00.html
It's a rotter's life outside the Buffy zone
Bye Brosnan, hi blond Bond
Daniel Craig: the first blond James Bond
Daniel Craig goes shopping for Bond
Daniel Craig new Bond according to U.K. paper
For Your Eyes Only
Craig reported tapped as the next Bond
Sienna’s ‘sweet nothings’ to Craig gave her game away!
Daniel Craig IS Bond!?
Daniel Craig for Bond
Daniel Craig is Bond?
Casino Royale - 11-10-05
Daniel Craig tipped to become Bond
Daniel Craig 'the next James Bond' 08/24/daniel_craig_interview.shtml,9930,32007_11_0_,00.html 25/daniel_craig_enduring_love_interview.shtml
Daniel Craig,12589,1590160,00.html
Comedian Pegg lands Mission: Impossible role
In the News: James Bond, Oprah and More!
All bets off as they tip it will be blond, James Bond,1,17559,00.html?tnews
Jude and Sienna Call It Quits
Sharpe's Challenge id=1800020529&cf=gen&intl=us
Tom Hollander
Bond breaks Law ... and Miller
mostly Brits


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