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Empire #185 November 2004 UK

  • Witty and futuristic, 'Serenity' is an old western at heart

  • "Serenity": TV's "Firefly" takes wing

  • From Buffy to blockbuster of the year

  • Serenity's a Smarter Space Opera

  • Fans of canceled TV series 'Firefly' help revive show into a feature film

  • Buff act to follow

  • Dance of the telepathic space assassin

  • 'Serenity' earns director Whedon spot on sci-fi's Mount Rushmore


  • Whedon Is a Goner

  • In the News

  • 'Hooligans' is yet another predictable gang film


  • James Dean, a man of contradictions

  • Regret and rejoice: this is Australia

  • A History of Violence (18)

  • A History of Violence (18)

  • Go for your guns

  • 'MirrorMask'

  • Don't Call It Science Fiction

  • Johnny Depp on James Dean ... on Radio 2

  • In brief: Spider-Man 3 villains revealed

  • Don Adams

  • Crowe to host AFI awards

  • New rites of passage

  • Live in the moment of a great love's loss

  • Agent 86 makes 82 – missed it by that much

  • Gromit's grand day out

  • Cave not following the script for musos

  • Spider-Man 3 villains

  • Cave's Proposition premiere

  • A winning proposition for Cave

  • The Evening Redness in the West

  • Worst sex, ever

  • Who shoots? Who scores? Who cares... (Sandro pic) (mullet warning)

  • Cronenberg shows his mettle

  • Bale and Jackman in frame for Nolan drama

  • "North Country" Press Conference

  • Buffy quotes

  • Good gut instincts win pair a Nobel for medicine

  • How censors held line against lesbians

  • Movie sex scenes get doctors hot under the collar
  • And now for something completely 400 years old
  • Correlation of Christian ethics, social ills knocks advocates from knees to backside

  • Highlander

  • Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon

  • West Side Story

  • Australia is a place of reel magic for U.S. filmmakers

  • Academic throws light on 40-year-old UFO mystery

  • What the gossip mags say

  • The flesh and blood behind clay superstars

  • Stars queue to pay Barker tribute

  • And it's goodnight from him: Ronnie Barker dies

  • Serenity

  • Serenity

  • OSS 117, le Caire nid d'espions

  • OSS 117, le Caire nid d'espions

  • Entertainment News

  • New York Film Festival Presents "Breakfast on Pluto" Premiere

  • Theft Case Rattles Sedate World of Rare Maps

  • Graphic novels are drawing in kids, with positive results in more ways than one

  • Usagi Yojimbo creator comes back to where it all began
  • Spider blood found in 20 million year old fossil

  • Serenity's a Smarter Space Opera
  • '10th planet' has moon companion
  • Spain

  • Shedding light on a fleeting feast of fluttery

  • Yahoo! throws the book at Google

  • Digging the dirt on the common spud

  • Birds

  • Death of a comedy icon: The one and only Ronnie

  • Open Letter To Kate Moss

  • Jackson gets new blockbuster project

  • Knights Templar

  • Halo movie recruits Peter Jackson

  • 1918 killer flu 'came from birds'

  • A New Challenge for an Englishman and His Dog

  • Heresy

  • Comedy classic: the problem of pismonunciation

  • Cathar

  • 80 minutes of pure boredom

  • Curse

  • Expert hangman called in to advise on design of gallows

  • Esotericism

  • Why Hollywood films should come with a health warning

  • Holy Grail

  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • After a long wait, it's tea time in Britain

  • Shroud of Turin
  • Ronnie's fear of the final curtain no laughing matter

  • Sodomy

  • The Birds of NSW Wetlands - Rails

  • Conspiracy theory

  • Pledge to rebuild follows fire at Lewis and Clark replica

  • Homosexuality

  • Magnificent Seven

  • Mystery religion

  • Title fight proves brains beat brawn

  • When queen bee dies, it's every bee for herself


  • Bond without Q? Surely not.

  • Hollywood does Asia again

  • A New Challenge for an Englishman and His Dog

  • Scientists resurrect 1918 flu virus

  • What women want: exhibition charts 100 years of feminism

  • On 'Alias,' the Star Is Now Spying for Two

  • Dolphins sing 'Batman' theme

  • Conjuring the Ghost of Kolchak Past

  • David Duchovny

  • Written in blood

  • Memo all: the boss may be watching

  • Parsis look for new path to spiritual world

  • Banished for calling Potter gay


  • "Batman" house escapes damage in Pasadena fire

  • X Pose Special #26 2004 UK

    NW 11 October 2004 AU

    People Special 2004 US
    Blink #2 August 2004 UK

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