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same bat time same bat channel

Oh dear. I nearly missed the bus today. Would have, too, if the driver hadn't been suddenly touched with kindness and waited while I hared across six lanes of traffic and up the hill. I didn't think I could run in this skirt. Turns out I can. More interesting times when it came for driver changeover. Yes, my route is so long we change drivers halfway through. Anyways, driver #2 staggers towards the bus, all beer barrel belly and gouty walk and I'm thinking uh oh, looks like he's still drunk from the night before. This is immediately confirmed when we shoot backwards for a block before he heaves on the anchors. Then we finally start heading forwards and I think 'at last', then I notice he's got the windscreen wipers going on a bright sunny day. Oh well, I got here in one piece, that's the main thing.

Last night, oh, I was stupid. I should have done as I'd planned, which was to attempt to hook up the vcr and try taping Alias, or to work right through it, but no, I thought I'd just get all comfy and watch it and Zzzzzz...

Ooops. It started off with heavy handed hard hat area Lewis Carroll motifs, and but the time I woke up half an hour later everything was through the looking glass and everyone had swapped sides and changed allegiances and the hell? I'm completely lost now. Bugger.

Meanwhile, yes, I went shopping yesterday. I tried to be good, limiting myself to only buying magazines if they had really hot pictures of actors x, y and z in them. Damn me if I didn't pick up X in Shop A and Y and Z in Shop C. Sigh. Also, since I already had all the Skeet offered up in the bins at JB, I picked up My Fair Lady for $12 (and that we live in such a world where Philadelphia Story can be had for $10 but Bubble Boy is still $35). Anyways. MFL turned out to have two disks, the second with actual extras. I may yet faint over the actual presence of extras, but what really has my poor brain going boggle boggle bogglelity boggle boggle is the fact that one of the commentaries is by...Martin Scoresese. Huh? I can't, for the life of me, think of a more unlikely chap to comment on MFL.

Of course then all I could think of was the MS version of MFL, where Higgins solves his Freddy problems for good, bada bing bada boom. Nobody messes with The Professor. And I can't stop humming the theme from the Sopranos, Rex Harrison style, in my head. (Yes, I know the Sopranos has nothing to do with MS other than being his bastard godchild, but I've never seen an MS film, no, not even Aviator, not yet, so it'll have to do).

And besides, a Rex Harrison version of The Sopranos theme would be very, very funny.

Took another long walk in the garden (and came back smelling like bat pee), ostensibly to pick up stuff in the gift shop. I can't be the crazy "Aunt" who gets off the plane from Australia without having pockets stuffed full of wonders. It just isn't done. So trash and treasure I bought. Aside from the usual joggers (if I can't shoot 'em, can I at least hose them down with a super soaker? Or maybe mace. Mace is good), there were loads of Yankee Doodles. I can tell, when they go in the cafe queue the wrong way (mind you, you should see me get stuck in revolving doors over there, because they go the wrong way). I just had a Nudie. Or half a nudie, as I knocked mine over in the grass. Whimper. I did get to see my fave flowers, and watch a bored duck.

PS. We're road testing the toys right now. I feel it's absolutely important that the toys are thoroughly tested before passing onto the nippers. Heh.


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