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  • By public demand, and it's nice to have people actually wanting to read something when by rights they shouldn't care less, I present the first bit of Stargate: Wild Boys. A sequel to SNAFU. This is only 20% done, yeah, after over 2 years of fussing with it, so bear with me. Hugely slashy so go away now if that ain't you're cup of tea. Rated MA for lusty thoughts between the boys. And yes, this is meant to be a homage/pisstake of Danger Island, Tarzan, The Lost World, Land of The Lost, The Monster From Green Hell and any other jungle movie/show you care to recall (qv Alexis pic above). I'm going to try and pack as much as I can in, and the finished product might be wildly diffeent to the working draft I'm posting here.


      Jack ran his hand over Daniel's soft bare skin, his finger firmly drawing a
      pattern between his shoulder blades, swirling lines in thick and clotted ochre

      Jack was already striped in paint, a ritual welcome into the tribe, Daniel
      had said. He’d felt silly. Now he'd been directed to apply the paint to
      Daniel and he no longer felt so foolish. He was rather enjoying himself, except
      for when the elders scolded him for being too free form. There was a set way
      of doing these things, apparently.

      "Why me?" Jack asked.

      "Why you?" Daniel's lips pursed, thinking of all the possible answers
      to that question.

      "Why am I the one painting you?" Jack asked from behind him.

      "Oh. I think they recognise a...connection between us."

      "A connection?"

      "They probably think it's paternal," Daniel teased.

      "Hey," Jack poked him in the shoulder. "I'm not that much older
      than you."

      "What ever you say, Colonel Sanders."

      Daniel was grinning widely now, imagining Jack's scowl behind him.

      "Hey," was Jack's sole retort. "What do you mean they see a
      connection? I thought we were being discrete."

      "Oh yeah," Daniel mused. Like this was keeping a low profile, pretending
      their relationship was solely a professional one. A primitive planet, just Jack
      and Daniel as fate would have it, with Jack slowly applying body paint to a
      semi nude Dr Jackson all in the name of anthropology. Never mind the crowd of
      villagers, there might as well be no one around for miles for the way Jack attended
      to his task.

      "Perhaps they see more clearly, more simply here. At home, people see
      what they want to see. Some people think we're friends, some people think we
      hate each other. I'm pretty sure Dr Fraiser knows. I've no idea if Teal'c knows
      and Sam is too busy wanting you to see that I want you, too." His voice
      dropped, soft with need.

      Jack brushed his palm over the back of Daniel's neck, giving a slight squeeze,
      and Daniel smiled, eyes closed, happy. He'd learnt to read Jack pretty well
      and he knew that this was Jack shorthand for "I appreciate your sexual
      desire for me and I value your friendship and I reciprocate same." With
      Jack, such emotions were expressed with a look or a pat on the shoulder, a touch
      of his hand.

      Jack's finger smeared down Daniel's spine. Daniel made a soft purring noise,
      still with his head bent forward and his eyes closed.

      "Enjoying this?" Jack smiled.

      "Mmm," Daniel mumbled.

      Jack smiled again. This was Daniel shorthand for "I'm getting hard."
      He rubbed his hand over Daniel's shoulder, smudging some of his work and not
      really caring. He was making a promise to take care of that situation should
      the opportunity present itself. Daniel purred again.

      Jack could have done him there and then, if not for the crowd of onlookers,
      and a large part of him still wanted to anyway, to hell what the locals might
      have made of it. Like Daniel, he was pretty sure the locals knew what the score

      Sure, he could play the Great White God’s protector, but anybody with
      eyes could see it was more than that, much more.

      Scary as they were, Jack was beginning to love these folks, almost as much
      as Daniel did, maybe even more so. They’d found them, kept them safe and
      they’d saved Daniel, and for that Jack would do almost anything for them.
      He’d even strip himself half naked and paint himself red and dance around
      a fire, if he thought it would make them happy, because he owed them, he owed
      them big.

      Back in the bottom of that pit, he’d thought it had been all over, that
      the Jack magic had run out, finally.

      "Daniel, Daniel," Jack patted his dying friend’s face with a
      damp hand. "Daniel, time to wake up now and earn your pay. I'm surrounded
      by hostiles and I don't speak their language."

      Daniel groaned, groggily opening his eyes, blinking once or twice, and wincing
      in terrible pain.

      "I know, I know," Jack soothed him, rubbing his cheek softly. "But
      we're in deep trouble, Daniel, and I need you. Please."

      Daniel gasped, bit down on his pain and listened to the chattering up above
      him. After several long moments of Daniel going white with the effort, sweating
      and gasping, he managed to reply faintly, just loud enough to earn a shocked

      "Some sort of...dialect," he managed to gasp out to Jack, explaining
      with those few words that he knew the earth variant, or at least, a few passing
      words, enough to impress. He uttered something more, god only knew what, then
      passed out, the effort just too much for him.

      Jack stroked Daniel's forehead, proud of him, loving him more in this moment
      than he ever thought possible. "You did good, kid," he murmured, as
      the tribe sent several members scurrying down the walls towards them. Whether
      it was to help them or finish them off, Jack didn't much care. He just knew
      they'd tried their best, he'd tried it Daniel's way, and if he had to go down
      firing, well, he'd had a good innings, for a career soldier.

      Daniel was carried away, high over head, the swarming brown bodies coming between
      Jack and Daniel, blocking Jack's view as Daniel was carried off out of sight.

      "Hey!" Jack tried to object, but it was no use. He was outnumbered
      and he had no choice but to be carried along by his own throng of escorts. Well,
      he had one other choice: he could shoot his way out but that wouldn't do Daniel
      any good so he stayed his hand, resting it over the trigger, just in case.

      Jack feigned an injured ankle as he was marched along the pig track. Nothing
      too incapacitating, just an excuse to try and hang back, to try and find a way
      out, but there were too many of the eerily skeleton painted tribesmen and they
      kept pushing and shoving him to keep in line and keep up.

      Ahead they carried Daniel between them, and Jack knew in his heart he couldn't
      leave Daniel, not when he kept seeing on the ground and having to step over
      the blotches of blood Daniel was leaving on the trail. The tribesmen pushed
      him harder and Jack grabbed at branches, as though stumbling, tearing off leaves,
      a signal to whoever might follow that they were still alive, for now.



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