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coming of age in loompaland

Hell's bells. Between the three helicopters, the lines and lines of riot police and mounted police, who outnumbered protesters ten to one (shades of Peterloo, anyone?), big cars with blacked out windows going past with police escorts, the new traffic laws and blocked off streets, well, I managed to watch an entire episode of House before we'd move a block from the bus stop, and another before we got to Town Hall and two more on the way home. Which is a tad excessive, even by my standards. When I started up my last episode, still nowhere near home, I did start to wonder if I would ever get home, or how much longer the batteries would hold out. Dear, sweet wee telly. I should have gone completely insane otherwise. Certainly the chap sitting next to me was ready to start gnawing on his briefcase and that was before we'd cleared the QVB.

Exciting times. Arrived home to find tea congealing in the microwave and Willy Wonka on the tv. Thus I was treated to suspicious pink and thrusting machinery and oompa loompas performing strange sex acts that make me just cover my eyes. My goodness, but that is one sick film. After four hours on a bus, the last thing I needed to see were cavorting oompa loompas.

I think that was pretty much where I lost my brain, at the witnessing of the provocative oompa loompa dance. Certainly when I made myself a hot chocolate to soothe my nerves, then thinking two hours later that my nerves weren't soothed at all, I found said hot chocolate still sitting in the kitchen, congealing. Sigh.

This morning wasn't much better. A complete comedy of errors, starting with sleeping through my alarm and missing my bus. Fun and games.

Last night I did get home in time to see Afterlife. Better episode this week. It reminded me of a Miracles episode, only going to places Miracles never dared to go, so I liked it for that, even though the two main characters remain entirely unlikeable. There's deeply flawed, and then there are just ratbags. But storywise, I did like it. Much better than the Miracles version, though the Miracles version does have its appeal, mainly in the too many to count textual references to the boys being gay. Heh. Everyone in that episode thinks they're gay. It's so very OTP.

Back to House. So very much with the House/Wilson love. I don't know why they have to waste valuable screen time with an entirely pointless and uncomfortable and extremely unlikely het relationship when House has Wilson sprawled out on his couch, drinking his beer, and being just so very, very fuckable. If it was a Brit show, they'd totally be doing it. Okay, maybe not, only second stringers are allowed to be overtly gay, but still. There's one relationship that has real chemistry in that show, and it ain't the forced and uncomfortable het one, that's fer sure. House/Wilson OTP!

At least H/W had me squeeing with delight on the commute from hell. My gratitude, gentlemen.

Ack. It's been a complete blitz today. Work fyling at me from all directiuons and all of it has to be done now now now.

Which of course means no time for fic thoughts, let alone writing. No fun for the boys, though it's wicked and wrong, anyway. No sitting on the syeps watching the dawn and no bittersweet adieus. Sigh.

Now I've got to go try and get on a bus. What fun!

But wait, there's more work. I think I'd be better just kicking out a bedroll and camping here.

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