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nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Well, I've never dug through a dvd bargain bin with a buddhist monk before. I was diving for cheap Skeet. I don't know what he was after, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Hmmm, where does Buddhist philosphy lie with regards to the bargain bin? I get where Calvanist teachings lie: for your many sins you will sit and watch this cheap bilge and suffer, keenly, every second, but I'm not sure how other theologies may regard the mysteries of the bargain bin.

Heh. Never mind the mortification of the flesh, try the mortification of the critical faculties. The cheap dvds, they burn!

You've no idea the horrors I've seen. Shellshocked, so I am. And yet I keep going back for more. It's like a disease. Remember the year I found a bin full of my Brit boys, the early years? The pain, the pain...

And if you don't believe me, I will tie you down and make you watch Dreamcatcher, over and over until your brain explodes. Or something like that. Think Vogon poetry.

In other news, my Ipod still ain't speaking to me. This is not the start of a beautiful friendship. Apple is so much better than PC. My arse it is.

My giant enormous arse. Especially in this brown cord skirt, where it really does look like a bean bag (or two). I'm annnoyed. I've not been able to keep anything down for over a week, and still with the getting fatter. So unfair. Make me miserable, but at least drop me a dress size. Play fair, you sodding lurgy.

Oh yeah, I so have the dreaded lurgy. I'm not surprised, after that guy coughed all over me the whole way in yesterday. This wasn't polite snuffling down his sleeve collar, oh no, this was erupting all over me, the whole way in. His germs wanted to jump ship and ain't nothin' was gonna stop 'em. I don't mean to get all Howard Hughes here, but it was horrible, and I just wished he would stop, or I could shower and change, but I just had to put up with it. I love public transport, don't you?

Oooh. In the wee small gaps between the work onslaught, I found transcripts to the episodes including the actual pilot, as opposed to what eventually screened. There have only been a few scenes and lines changed, but they're significant. Like the bit about Alva having been a member of the Inquistion for six years. Good grief. Change the fic? Nah. It's not, ahem, canon, since it didn't air. But, well, reading that deleted line just changed everything. You know, I might have to write, or attempt to write more, as I just can't say everything I want to say in one fic. It's too much, too many threads, too dense to deal with all at once. A pox on ABC (US) for cancelling this show.

I know, finish the Billy/Alan and the Sharpe/Methos. I would, but Paul and Alva have me in their grasp. They won't let me sleep until their story is told. I can't deny them. They got a hold on me.

Whoops, more work than I can cope with. TTFN.

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