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possession is nine tenths of the law... not the title of my fic, but it should be. Time to wrap it up, now that I'm starting to take the piss. That and the amount of research I have to plough through just for the sake of a couple of philosophical arguments, is starting to kill me. It was fun at first, but now it's starting to feel very much like homework. Now you're thinking: to hell with philosophical disccussions, where's the sex? I wish I knew, mate, I wish I knew. Oh yeah, this is going to be one of those 'ten hits in a decade' fics I post.

Speaking of obscure and under-appreciated works, I never get feedback. Not ever. I'm lucky if I get one email a year re my fic. I'm not one of those folks with two thousand sycophants ready to praise my every banal utterance (though it'd be nice, just for a bit). No, I am spiky and unloved, like a cactus. But once every couple of years I do get a scrap of feedback that makes it all worth it. I got one last week. Whoo.

For shame, it's a brilliant day outside, but I'm just not up to a walk in the park, and all the get up and go talk in my head simply isn't going to change the fact, alas. Damn, lovely day and I'm stuck indoors. Arrrgh.

Deadwood finished up last night with a funeral and a wedding and I've never wanted to applaud a show ever before in my life, but last night I definitely felt like whooping and cheering. It's too bad TV actors can't take a bow. Most times, they'd never deserve it but this, this was magnificent. Simply magnificent. I really, really loved the juxtapostion of the wedding and the legal contract, because I just love juxtaposition and it was done so wickedly, so blatantly. It made me laugh. I don't know what I'm going to do sans Al and the rest of his motley crew, but, my goodness, what a ride. Encore! Encore!

Oh, I also watched back that Afterlife thingy. It didn't really make any sort of sense but I'll blame that on EC9 who would have lopped no less than 15 minutes of a Brit prog to fit in our wall to wall ads, so I think the narrative wtf holes were the fault of the need to advertise dogfood rather than quality of show, so I'll skip that. Interesting premise and, again, nice ballsy Brit tv, not going for the soft option where everyone lives happily ever after. I do like that, a bit of rough handling, in my tv viewing. It makes me sit up and take notice, it makes it more real, because anything can happen, and not just in sweeps week, like in the US. I like the fact that people die, lie, are miserable fucks, drink, smoke, swear, do drugs and argue and make really huge mistakes and little ones and the characters look like ordinary joes with a myriad of flaws. It's just more interesting. A more realistic and vibrant tapestry. I like the way people on British tv aren't just cute or quirky, but seriously frayed around the edges and often rapidly unravelling. I like red wine swilling psychics on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yes, I think I'll watch more of this, but I do so wish it was on the ABC, so I could see all the bits.

Damn, it's a lovely day out there.

Okay, back to writing, I mean working...

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