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Stargate: Now Daniel Free. So what else is new? Perhaps S4 and 5 were a cunning plan to wean me off Daniel? Hasn't worked - I miss him.I see they're trying to tie up all those loose Daniel threads, Thor, Osiris, et al. Sam is back to being the Sam I knew and loved, the only one openly mourning Daniel (everybody else is in never speak of him again mode), and she's being brave, cute and lippy and seems to have inherited Daniel's habit of Go'auld baiting. What, did they mind meld before he carked it? Best of all, the Sam/Jack is gone, baby, gone. Heh. Sotto Morrisey voice: Asgard in a coma, I know, I know it's serious...

Next week: Season 6. Judas. Oh joy. I must say I really loved Teryl as Heimdall. Asgard might not have doohickeys or hot sweaty spacemonkey love but by golly, they still come flaming.

24: So cute that they wrapped it all up by episode 13. Cofident, weren't they. So now the plot drags as they fumble for Plot B, which is even name checked Plot B. No matter, I'm staying with Keifer. Heh, Jim just used his Sentinel senses. Too little too late though, cause he's dead. Poopies.

Dark Angel: Zack's back. With a glowing red eye - uh huh, never seen that in a Cameron production before. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Next thing we know lil Zack will be going door to door enquiring as to the whereabouts of one Sarah Connor. Still, cheesy ripoffs aside, I don't care. Zack's back and he's just made my day. Oooh, look, Zack has indeed gone totally Terminator on us, hunting down Logan in the car park (this wouldn't be quite so bad if I hadn't watched both Terminators on Sunday). And Damn, if cyborg Zack ain't working for me. Go Zack. Kill the whiny Logan and his faux WB hair. Oh oh, Max just pulled a Sarah Connor on his arse. His little red light blinked and went out (again, ain't nothing I didn't see several times over on Sunday). Poor Zack. My dearest, darlingest Zack.

If only Zack and Alex could run away together. Like that'll happen. Dark Angel is the most unslashy show. My estranged friends could never fathom why I bothered to watch it. Well, aside from Zack hitting all my Kyle Reese/Cooper Hawkes buttons, I kinda liked the original premise, before it got silly and overrun by mutants ala Buffy. What TPTB never realise is that successful dramas more often than not feature two cute guys falling into each other's arms. Sure, they're just sheltering from an explosion, but if I said shut up, freeze and cover me, would you hold it against me? Heh, the sunstroke must be kicking in, but you get what I mean. Man From UNCLE, Star Trek, Starksky and Hutch, Professionals, Smallville, Stargate (1-3), Sentinel, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. There's a market for this stuff. Truly there is.

Ah, just what I need to make my night, ahem, morning, complete: Once a Thief. Speaking of cute guys faling into each other's arms under the pretence of ducking from gunfire. Nick and Ivan. Yay, drool. I am so not getting to sleep. Is Seven playing episodes they skipped or are they just doing this to make me happy?

My big day out? Fun. Not bookmark this day fun, but out of the office fun, though dumpy IT chicks have no business climbing up and down cliffs. I am no longer the mountain goat I used to be and there was much huffing, wheezing and funny red faces. Still, it was a solid office field trip and I managed to glean some of the scuttlebutt, issues and politics so it was entirely worthwhile that way. I now know why I was unceremoniously dumped from the Internet project: I proposed a design/structure to Sir Humphrey that would allow the general public to easily find out what the Department was up to. I know, I could slap myself. What the hell was I thinking? At least my sin binning seems to be in remission, fingers crossed.

excursion 19-09-02excursion 19-09-02
Crazy iron deposits!Mountains!
excursion 19-09-02excursion 19-09-02
Trees!</a>Three Sisters!

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  • Part 5 of the M7 fic, rated PG for minor wickedness. Yeah, I know, another freakin' x-over.

      Grudgingly released from the cell by Chris, with yet another muttered warning
      to Ezra, Amanda flounced out of the gaol with Ezra by her side, just like old
      times, watched with awe and suspicions by Ezra’s associates.

      Amanda linked her arm through his.

      "So, a businessman now. Is this respectability?"

      "No, not yet, but I'm still young."

      "Ezra, what are you planning?"

      "Great wealth, a large business stake and a reputation as a lawman."

      Amanda stopped, beaming widely at him, knowing exactly what he was up to now.

      "Politics! My dear, you'd be perfect."

      He tilted his head back towards the gaol. "They all still think I'm a
      small town flim flam man."

      "And what politician isn't. Don't listen to them, Ezra. You're well on
      your way."

      "I hope so. I never thought it would be so hard, working for a living,
      trying to amass my fortune by mostly legitimate means." He pressed her
      arm. "Please behave - I mean it - they don't trust me. Anything you do
      will be pinned on me."

      "So you're sacrificing me to your new respectability?"

      Ezra was torn. "No. I told you, I can defend you at trial. I know the

      "And he knows you," she reminded.

      "Trust me," he urged, smiling again, projecting confidence.

      "So you’re a lawyer as well as a lawman now? Is this true? You've
      changed sides? Or are you trying to straddle both? You’d make a much better
      lawyer than a lawman."

      "Now don't you go starting on me, too," he sighed, irritated.

      Amanda smiled. "It's true then."

      "I'm trying. These men mean a lot to me."

      "You want to prove yourself worthy of their company."

      Ezra glanced away, not willing to admit anything.

      "Your mother doesn't approve," Amanda needled.

      "No, she doesn't," Ezra agreed. "But you know Mother, everything
      has to be fast and grand for her. She bores easily. She doesn't understand that
      little things can grow. She doesn't see the potential here." Ezra made
      a grand sweeping gesture, proud of his town.

      "Opportunities for you."

      "Well, yes. It might be slow and hard work but I'm building something
      here, something from the ground up, with a solid foundation. I'm a rich man,
      Amanda. Not obscenely rich, but by this town's standards, I'm a man of substance,
      and it's no trick of the light."

      "You have gone straight," she teased. "Sacrifice, hard work
      - can this be my Ezra?" She brushed his cheek. "But still the dreamer."

      "I will make something of myself. I want to be more than just a nuisance
      in people's lives."

      "You're not a nuisance, Ezra." Her eyes grew sad. "Never that.
      Didn't I teach you - you can never trick an honest man. People want to be cheated.
      You're teaching them a valuable lesson in greed."

      "I'm tired of being run out of town."

      Amanda sighed. "My little boy is growing up, growing serious," she
      teased. "Tell me, who has inspired this sudden streak of goodness."

      "No one," Ezra mumbled.

      "You can't con a con, Ezra. I can see it in your eyes. There is someone
      here, someone you want to impress. I'll find out, you know."

      "Amanda," he complained.

      "Don't spoil what little fun is available to a girl in this town. I intend
      to find out all the gossip to be had." And he knew that was no idle threat.
      Ezra was beginning to regret bailing her out already.

      "You're a friend of Ezra's?" Mary regarded her visitor curiously,
      and now with some suspicion. A woman who dressed so finely, this far west, and
      claimed friendship with Ezra. There had to be something wrong here.

      Amanda played absently with the handle of her folded parasol, surveying Mary's
      office with a practiced eye.

      "And why do I feel you don't take kindly to Ezra?" Amanda asked,
      her voice sweet but hiding a hardness that Mary caught.

      Mary straightened from her work, wiping her hands down the front of her apron.

      "Ezra's a liar and a thief, he's always playing some scheme or another."

      "But surely he's done a lot of good for this town."

      "You know what they say, once a thief," Mary dismissed the notion.
      "If he gave you a gift, you could never be sure he came by it honestly."

      "And that matters?"

      "Of course it matters."

      Amanda merely shrugged.

      "You don't think it's possible for someone to have a change of heart?"

      Mary shot off a look that doubted the existence of an actual beating heart
      in Ezra.

      Amanda shrugged again. "I was under the impression that Ezra had made
      friends here, that he wanted to do right by them, that there was someone here
      he wanted to impress."

      "You mean Mr Wilmington? He's hardly one to inspire greatness."

      "Wilmington, he's the one they call Buck, right?"

      "Yes, Buck Wilmington. He's as much a rogue as - well, no wonder they
      get on well together."

      Amanda noted the name and the character reference, and wondered if there were
      any of the seven Mary actually liked.

      "Why on earth did you hire them to protect this town if you think so poorly
      of them?" Amanda pressed.

      Mary stopped arranging the moveable type entirely. "Mr Larabee."
      And her eyes lit up at the name. Gotcha, Amanda smirked to herself.

      "By reputation he's a good man to have in a fight," Mary continued
      happily. Oh yes, so that was Mary's interest.

      "Both he and Mr Tanner," Oh yes, better and better, two of the men
      had caught Mary’s interest. "They've done a lot for this town."

      So, the rest were just the price Mary had to pay for her two heroes.

      Amanda placed her coin down carefully on Mary's desk and picked up her copy
      of the newspaper.

      "Thankyou," Amanda smiled her most feline smile. "You've been
      most helpful."

      Mary watched her go, not liking either Amanda or her attitude. There was just
      something about her that Mary didn't trust, even if she wasn’t a proclaimed
      friend of Ezra’s.

      Ezra pulled her corset in tight with expert hands and tied it off. He dropped
      a kiss on her bare shoulder before draping the string of pearls around her throat
      and fastening the fiddly clasp, watching the beads warm and begin to glow against
      her skin.

      "Why are you here, Amanda," he asked quietly, his arms encircling
      her waist in a loose embrace, watching their reflections in the mirror.

      "Just travelling through," she smiled.

      "No." His eyes never left hers in the mirror as his cheek stroked
      hers, and his fingers crept down slowly from her hip, making her exhale softly.

      "Why are you here, in my town?" he asked again.

      "Because I missed you?"

      "How nice," Ezra purred, making her gasp as he teased her, kissing
      her throat slowly before he returned his gaze to the mirror, silken menace in
      his tone.

      "This is my town, Amanda. Don't ruin it for me here. I won't forgive that."

      "Why, Ezra, are you warning me off?"

      "A very friendly warning." He kissed her throat just above the pulse
      point, trailing up to her earlobe.

      "Uh uh," she warned fondly before he could kiss away her earring.
      "I taught you that, remember."

      "I remember everything you taught me." Ezra smiled, a light yet wicked
      smile. "Now promise to be a good girl while you're here."

      "I promise," she vowed to their reflections.

      They came down the steps together, dressed for dinner, arms linked, looking
      very much more than brother and sister.

      Buck and Chris, both waiting below to escort Ezra and his old friend to dinner
      drew an involuntarily breath when they saw her. Buck particularly, and Amanda
      smiled when she saw that she’d set his pulse racing. She gently disengaged
      herself from Ezra and wafted over to Buck, all lace, silk, pearls and perfume,
      fluttering up against him and linking her arm through his.

      Chris caught Ezra’s souring and darking mood and knew a storm was brewing.
      This woman was trouble. Chris had known it the moment he’d set eyes on
      her, and he ought to, he’d known enough trouble in his time.

      Amanda and Buck swept up to their table, arranged especially for them in the
      better dining room of Ezra’s two hotels. Ezra trailed after them but Buck
      was already helping Amanda to her seat and she was cooing her thanks to him
      and old Buck, Buck was just lapping it up like the big dumb dog that he was.
      Ezra scowled further, relegated to sitting opposite Amanda and Chris leant back
      in his seat, watching the scene play out, as much amused as he was pricked by
      the growing aggravation of Ezra. Seems like there was no honour amongst thieves
      after all, as Amanda flirted and played with Buck, and Buck barely spared Ezra
      a glance.



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