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From today's Column8:
But the best examples of linguistic surprise are often the least intentional, and following yesterday's discussion of the naming of the planet Uranus, David ("no surname, please") of Woollahra tells of the fleet of cargo ships owned by the Titan Line. "They are all named after the Titans of Greek mythology," says David, "so you have ships like Titan Prometheus, etc. Now, Uranus was also a Titan, so …" Yep, that's right - there's a ship plying the high seas revelling in the name, Titan Uranus.

And, from a dear friend:
If you are a McShep fan kill/blow whoever you have to to get a copy of SG:A 204

Okay, any volunteers? :-D (bearing in mind I remain unspoiled and therefore have no idea what you lot are all squeeing about).

In other news, went to my first Italian class last night. Whoa, intense and straight off the deep end, but I should have known I was in trouble when the text book was entirely in Italian. I have to learn Italian grammar in Italian, when I was never taught English grammar in English (growing up in a slum they didn't bother with basic literacy or numeracy when I was at school, but I can be a tree. Wanna see me be a tree?). Fortunately H used to teach Italian and lived there for years so I have someone to help me. Phew! It's quite a struggle. I have the gender and adjective last bits down okay, in broad theory anyway, but the pronunciation of letters like c and g are still tripping me up.

So Ms Bossy (imagine Nellie Olsen as your manager, then feel my pain) came and rearranged my desk, again, remvoving my Italian text book. Bugger that, I need to revise in my lunch break and it's there to remind me to do so. So back it goes. Now you know why the scene in Equilibrium where Christian rebels by rearranging his stapler and paperclips just makes me laugh more than it should.

Everyone is just panicking. According to the Herald, we're due a Stalinist purge, and no doubt to be wiped from history, for our many sins, so we're all desperately trying to save our jobs, which for some means finding fault with others. Oh, what fun it is.

Or, as my father used to say, I'll just sit here and count the knife points poking through my chest. My, I do love interesting times.

Watched Dead Like Me and Greys Anatomy, but not quite as scheduled. Greys I watched on the bus, and I found it very competent, but medical dramas just don't grab me per se. I wouldn't be watching House if I didn't enjoy the House/Wilson. I'm just not that into the disease of the week as the main plot element. It just seemed very safe tv to me, though I did note one of the Roswell aliens seems to have washed up there, and I was having fun playing spot the Seattle location. I'm sure where that helicopter landed is actually Channel 5 or something, but Seattlites will be able to correct me, as my knowledge of the town is cursory. I did recognise that freeway, though.

Dead Like Me I watched on tape. Daisy is definitely my favourite now, surpassing even Mason.

I also read another Spider-Man TPB, which I enjoyed, lots, actually and pasted in some more pics of Skeet and Angus into my notebook, in a desperate attempt to keep the fic bubbling over. Actually, it's still bubbling. I was halfway through a great important scene when the bus broke down and we all had to get off and stand in the cold and dark again and wait for another old, freezing cold, rattly, overcrowded and all stops bus to pick us up and the scene is quite fractured now as I just couldn't pick up where I left off. I just can't fix it. It's missing bits. Maybe on the bus ride home it'll come back to me. Bugger, but I hate it when that happens. Another literary gem of incalcuable worthiness lost to the ether, or summat like that.

Okay, so it's not quite in the same league as Coleridge's visitor from Porlock, but very definitely irksome. Nurse, fetch me my opium pipe!

Finally, my passport renewal papers have arrived (ggodness knows what evil fiends have the other five I'd requested in previous attempts) so that's also something to get on with. Oh, and I took those dvds into work and they wouldn't work on the PC here, either, so I'm suspecting dud disks. Bugger. Well, I did buy them at the local shops, so shame on me. Nothing ever works when bought from those blighted premises (that little corner of the world where it's still wartime rationing, ie bare shelves, always).

OMG, Ms Bossy is full of beans today, on a micromanaging nitpicking rampage from hell. It'd be nice if she could master the use of the refresh button, though. I'm having a day.

Nurse! Chocolate! Stat!

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