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An Ex-Daniel

Stargate: Meridian. He is deceased, he is no more, he is an ex-Daniel.

Did I like this? No. Did they have to get rid of Daniel by way of such a horrible, slow, painful, lingering death? Couldn't he have just quit the programme or retired to a nice planet somewhere, ie some nice 70s style exit? And don't get me started on the whole 'we have no place for Daniel in Stargate, here, meet his clone'. TPTB please note: casting a clone is universally regarded as a Bad Idea and it has never worked.

Did I like this? Yes. Jack and Daniel, in a scene together, interacting, making eye contact, reaching a resolution. I was so pathetically happy to get these scenes at least. There was shippiness here, J/D shippiness and even if it has to end here, we got these scenes of the boys saying goodbye to each other. One could certainly believe that, S5 aside, Jack loved Daniel, and Daniel loved Jack, afterall.

24: Keif and Jim being badarses. Cool. Keifer is giving me warm happy feelings, and considering I just sat through the death of Daniel Jackson, my beloved Daniel, that's a big ask. Oooh, an ad for Goldeneye. Sean! Faithlessness, thy name is Moi.

Dark Angel: The halloween episode. What the? That transgenic shark seems to have been well and truly jumped.

Mutant X: Evil Andy Warhol seems to go through a lackey a week. He sure uses 'em up and spits 'em out. Much like the real thing, really.

Friday: X Files: Hey lookit, it's Bug Boy from Smallville. This time playing a man eating Maccas employee. Bug boy and shark boy on his resume. Oh dear. Mulder is being cute in this episode, too, as opposed to merely being there, or not even that as the series staggered on. I'm struck at how much Chloe reminds me of Scully. Sure, she's all Mulder in her something weird is going on ethos, but in looks and mannerisms, she could be Scully's kid sister. Anyway, she reminds me much more of a junior Scully than the Willow clone she's supposed to be.

Stargate: Hathor. Daniel is dead, long live Daniel. For we have Hathor - yay! It's weird though. Never again will watching Danny be the same. It will always be tainted by knowing how it ends. I was strongly upset for the first few minutes, then I got over myself. I've met the actress who plays Hathor and she's wonderful fun. Very much one of the girls. This is SG-1's one and only girl power episode. The Powerpuff Girls save the day. Highlights: The sound of Daniel's pants going south; Jack skin; Hamond giving Daniel the eye; Janet saving the day - and did I mention Jack gets his shirt off? Seriously, there should have been loads of angst from the Danny rape but with the silliness of Hathor bathing in an enormous prawn cocktail, I just can't go with the darkness.

"What questions are swelling in your mind?" Hathor asks Daniel. I deeply suspect Daniel's brain isn't the swelling organ she's interested in, and frankly, who can blame her? Hathor goes for the best totty Cheyenne Mountain has to offer. Poor Teal'c never gets a look in, he spends yet another episode looking like he's just stepped in dog shit instead. Too bad Hathor blew up the sarcophagus. They could have used that, laments Janet. Too bloody right. Still, this is the last bit of Jack skin we'll be getting so I'm making the most of it. Hathor exits her prawn flambe. Jack calles Daniel "Danny" twice, awwww. Ack, no more SG1 on TV1 for a while. Poopies.

Dalziel and Pascoe: Mercifully less slashy than previous episodes, still the most beautifully filmed and lushly produced prog on the telly at the moment. I take it back. The lads may no longer be co-habiting, but it's Pete's card the old bastard treasures. Practically sleeps with it under his pillow. Pete's lost weight too. Good. For a while the appellation 'the fat cranky one' could have applied to either.

QAF: So far tonight, D&P included, everyone has been carrying law abiding groceries: at least one loaf of French bread and a stick or two of celery. Watching this, Russell Mulchay is totally redeemed. It's fascinating to watch the UK and US versions in the same week. Quite the anthroplology project. The US version is much softer edged, more talky, less vicious and harsh reality of life stuff, but it's not as weak as I'd thought it'd sure to be. The characters here are almost loveable. This is all too much like my SV fic though. Don't for one minute think I don't know I'm being dreadfully derivative. I don't think I'll be writing much SV - I can't see anywhere to go with it. Ezra is more fun - he's allowed to be morally ambiguous and I can do anything I want with him. And my boys? Not faster than a speeding bullet.

Saturday: Dozed all morning. Did my social dash yet again by turning down a very kind invitation to picnic on a lovely day by one of the few people in town still speaking to me, but I was just too weak and fuzzy to get out of bed, much less go anywhere. Certainly wasn't feeling up to walking the hell hounds. Roll on menopause, I'm getting too old for this shit.

Catching a glimpse of the simply stunning day outside while on the phone, and feeling guilty, I took the papers and hat and sat outside to be shat on by the birds. Then a ferocious rustling in the bush immediately behind me had me leaping up like the chick from Dark Angel. I catch a glimpe of scales, a flick of tongue. I think I'm about to discover a large cranky and misplaced brown snake (we're far too urban for snakes but it could have dropped off a passing car - things do). The bush keeps on shaking, hissing and scrabbling. Suddenly a large blue tongue lizard, about a metre long, the bastard, breaks cover and darts from the seat to my collection of pots then the Christo installation, where he vanishes, for me to find later, no doubt.

I've had my fill of nature for the day so I slink indoors for an afternoon of telly tosh. I know it's a waste of a life but I'm feeling poorly and it's been ages since I've indulged in such lethargy. Okay, weeks.

First up: Dark Angel. The silly comic book avenger episode, now a standard of the genre, where the real superhero meets a comic obsessed loon, but come to accept the comic dweeb as being heroic in their own pathetic way. It's such a dreadful belittling concept but I've also seen it on Now and Again, and somewhere else, I'm sure of it.

Angel: And I'm suddenly in an Angel/Wes place, for the first time in well over a year. Hmmm, maybe I should finish off one of my Angel fics.

Smells like the back burning has gotten away from them. It smells like full on bushfire now. It reminds me of Xmas. Doesn't bother me, I'm surrounded by concrete and asphalt.

Andromeda: Not a Daddo free zone. It's Cameron - tracking PT across the galaxy it seems. Ha! So giving away our collective ages there. Cameron is playing a very naughty boy, a con man. You know how I ove those.

Mutant X: Mark? Yes, it's Mark, aka the Groosalug from Angel. I've been to too many cons, every second show has had someone I've met on it, from Xander to Robert in Earth Final Conflict. Yeah, too many cons. But spot all the Tribune progs. Does this mean I can look forward to a Michael Biehn fix on Saturdays in a couple of years? God, I am so pathetic.

Sunday: Enterprise. How much do I love Trip? My tape, watch and rewind tape is fast becoming my Enterprise tape because this one was a keeper, just for Trip in his Hawaiian shirt and a very slashy opening.

Oh, and how much do I love the Weezer clip with all the Muppets. Yay.

I'm finally feeling halfway human again and it's Sunday night. I should have crawled into the yellow room for a bit of a Biehn treat earlier. Just the classic, I'm afraid. It was going to be a T1/Aliens double feature, but I was mucking about with the special features ( and fer once the assexual office dweeb didn't pick out the production stills. No, this time they got the gay office boy to choose the best photos because those pics of Mikey - va va va voom! Insert lusty cartoon wolf noises here) and interupted so often it was just T1. In fact once I was gone so long it just started up from the beginning again all by itself, so I ended up watching it one and a half times. No matter. MB was soooo cute and purty. One thing I must note: it's that when Reese arrives and steals the wino's pants, eew, he keeps them for the whole movie. So the entire time, Reese, gorgeous as he is, is smelling like wino pants. Kinda takes the bloom of the romance, don't it.

As much as my Bro wishes to lecture me on dialogue from Toy Story that has since been recycled in Buffy, nobody wants to hear about how just about every scene in Terminator has ended up in Buffy, especially the first season. Maybe because I'd been coming home early enough to see the S1 repeats, or up early enough in the morning to see them, but it was real amusing to see the exact same scenes in the actual source material. It was like, hey... Noticed a lot of Dark Angel ripoffs too, but that's allowed, I guess. Realised Zack is quite the Kyle clone. No wonder he appealed so instantly.

Slipping away from Damian in the Forsythe Saga for a moment to check out - yikes! Robert Patrick in T2, age 12. My god, the man has aged. And I thought MB was bad. Must be that LA air. Ah, the Los Angeles aqueduct, serving your car chase needs for over 50 years. Ever notice how all the cars that get trashed are over 20 years old?

Ah, just saw an ad for the X Files. Finally. You see, we've yet to see the last season out here, spoiler fuckers. I don't care how bad it gets, I'll still probably watch. I mean, there's still Robert Patrick. Though he's no Michael Biehn, whimper. My gosh, MB was so cute in T1. I might have even overlooked the whole wino pants thing, had it been me. Meanwhile, over in Wayne's World, there's Rob Lowe. I'm just a channel hopping fiend tonight.

Monday: So far, so good. It's quiet. My pc is in a crap position but I can see down both pig tracks and the only guy in so far is this one guy with one leg creaking about on his crutches not unlike, well, it's cruel but true, a Get Smart episode. I mean, all I can here is the sound of him coming up the ...well, pig track, because to call it a corridor or path would be to give it too much credit. This place is such a warren. I hate being on the corner but I did get last choice. At least I still have my quiet time. So far. Touch formica.

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