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Bale And Zahn To The Rescue
One Helluva Stretch
Fantastic Four UK Premiere
Journey to 'Island' means deep questions, car chases and cool explosions can coexist
Borrowed parts and empathy create Bay rarity in 'The Island'
No Soul, Perhaps, but This Clone Has a Skeptic's Heart
Above the Law
You know Ewan it!
Gerard Butler
Sin City,12589,1532774,00.html
Winstone laments demise of British film
Jude tries to make it better by saying sorry for cheating
Jude Law says sorry to fiancée for nanny fling,5936,16013382%255E7642,00.html
Hot Scot,5936,15990658%255E28377,00.html
Spies more spooky
Grovelling Jude in talks with Sienna
Sadie's support
I cheated on Sienna: Jude
A man lost for answers
Plot lines too close for comfort
Sadie 'so sorry' for Sienna
"Fantastic Four" Madrid Photocall
I cheated on Sienna: Jude
Sienna's tears over Jude's betrayal
People in the News: Hey Jude, you made it bad
Fall TV Preview: There are lessons for HBO in its 'Rome'
"Fantastic Four" London Premiere
Sad Sienna
Miller tearful over Law's affair
Ioan Gruffudd: Enter the dragon,4029,1531441,00.html
Law apologises to fiancee for infidelity,12589,1529353,00.html
Fantastic Four fires Fox past billion dollar sales mark,5478,15987076^2902,00.html
Miller's tears of betrayal
Jude tries to make it better by saying sorry for cheating
Jude Law says sorry to fiancée for nanny fling
Ewan McGregor in autograph ban
Sin City,5936,15938381%255E7642,00.html
A sin not for all tastes,5936,15916989%255E28377,00.html
Who's a chance at time of his life
I cheated on Sienna: Jude
Burnt Sienna
Seriously funny guy
INTERVIEW: John Barrowman from Doctor Who
Jude and Sienna locked in talks
Sienna in tears on stage
Jude and Sienna 'split'
Jude 'ashamed and upset'
Daniel Craig
"Sylvia" (2003)
Stars in glass houses stoning themselves
People in the News: No wedding for cheatin' Law
The Island
Layer Cake
The Flight of the Phoenix
Hearts of darkness
The Awful Truth
Ioan Gruffudd may pop the question to longtime girlfriend!
Ioan Gruffudd to marry Alice Evans
Ioan Gruffudd plans to propose
Tears of a clone
Attack of the clones
Ewan loves doing his own stunts
You know Ewan it!
Sex scoop
Jude Law Apologizes
Jude Law's marriage cancelled
Law unto himself
People: Jude Law
Jude Law apologises to fiancée over affair
Jude Law admits affair with nanny
WIN Tickets to Layer Cake
The Final Four 007 Contenders
Layer Cake smart, fast, sprinkled with black humour
James Bond #6 Candidates Shortlisted
Batman Begins: the comic book finally grows up
Batman Begins
Batmobile Crash Leaves Bale In Stitches
Cold Mountain


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