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here there be no dragons


Saturday: wind howling. Me, howling. Actually, it was brilliantly sunny, which added insult to injury, but indoor bound I stayed. Mainly because I was just dog tired after packing up the desk on Friday and then hopping off the bus for a wicked and expensive detour (but like hell was I going to let that drunk kick my chair all the way home again).

Watched: Miracles, Doctor Who (Captain Jack!), Deadwood and Van Helsing, which was much more dire than I ever could have imagined. Even with Sam West gnawing scenery.

Read: various and sundry Marvel TPBs. Astonishing X-Men was, well, astonishingly Joss. Defintely good for a Buffy fix.

Sunday: Morning Hellblazer TPB was interupted by some friends who dropped over unannounced, who, upon discovering me shambolic in Tarantino pyjamas, exited stage left so fast I swear you could hear the sonic boom. Ah, well.

Watched: War of The Worlds, Miracles, Foyle's War. I often wonder why I enjoy watching rural British dramas when I'm being all Victorian invalid, but then I dozed off for a good part of Foyle's War and picked up the plot easily enough once I woke and I knew: they're good for snoozing. Soft and gentle, unsurprising and no shouting or explosions. Very soothing. I was also amused that this week's Nazi infested manor house looked remarkably as though it should be enlivened by a large tentacled beastie flapping away furiously above it. Peanut gallery agreed. It looked very much like the same manor (cf Seeds of Doom). In fact, the theme of the day was tentacles, with War of the Worlds. Though the pedant in me asks how none of them buried ships was ever discovered when putting in tunnels and basement car parks, or how, if the aliens had obviously visited before and planned so meticulously, that they forgot to take their shots or pick up germies when they planted the ships and, oh, never mind. A somewhat redundant film, borrowing far more heavily from the 50s flick than any review had suggested (I suppose them artsy fartsy critics don't watch B-flick classics) and borrowing so heavily from recent news footage and archival war footage that it started to slip beyond homage into pastiche and those kids were so damn annoying they couldn't have been eaten by Martians soon enough, imho. That Fanning bitch is one creepy chick. The sooner she goes off the rails and vanishes from our lives, the better. But aside from that, it was a solid big budget B movie. It kept me watching, even though I knew exactly what would happen and when. Speilberg should be running our tains, he's so punctual.

No tentacles for tea, though. Sunday's stir fry was a far more pedestrian affair, I assure you.

Hmmm, what else? The commentaries on Miracles I found quite entertaining, entirely unlike the last lot I had the misfortune to sit through which were as dull as dishwater (Carnivale?). I think because the guys who did Miracles did other shows in my collection like X Files and Buffy/Angel they're used to it, they're very net and fan savvy and they know what makes good commentary. I'm stuck on the unwanted fic though. Hence the Hellblazer revisting.

Monday: Argh! Cramps, freezing cold, unpacking, disaster. Well, perhaps disaster is a bit rich. Interesting development, then. You see, in the course of putting this new fangled thing they call air conditioning in our 19thC rooms the builders had managed to take the e-comms unit off the grid. Brilliant. I had to organise extension cords before I left for my course. Exciting challenges, as they say in newspeak.

Tuesday it was just the thousand pin pricks of tiny annoyances. I'm tired, cold and despite the note I left promising dire consequences, poltergeists had entirely rearranged my desk, including making off with my chair. I hate that, I really do.

So I walked down to my course thinking there should be dragons here. No, I'm not entirely nuts, it's just that the last time I was walking along a street this bitter cold, with hands shoved deep in coat pockets, there were dragons (or rather griffins, but they looked like dragons). I miss dragons. There should be dragons.

Mosquito repellant. I've finally found something to keep the leech off my PC. Normally I'm fairly restrained in my choice of wallpaper, always choosing depressed looking chaps in dark suits, but the Interview pic circa 1996 featuring the then poster boy of teen slasher flicks, well I really liked that pic. Really, really. So I gave it a frame, made it my wp and the leech won't touch my pc now. Mosquito repellant. Who knew a manical grin and a couple of curlies was all it took. Yay Skeet, I love you lots, just for that.

Second miracle. The first was getting me through last week in one piece. St Skeet. Absolutely.

Lesson the second: how to get a desk to yourself in a crowded computer course. Answer: simply start scrawling about dragons, saints and short and curlies, I guess. Still, whatever works, right?

Or maybe it's just because I forgot to wash my hair. Oops. They US have probably already drawn up invasion plans. Definitely in need of a democracy intrevention, this stringy mass.

2,500+ LJ entries. Are you people nuts? Okay, so I hadn't been on it for weeks (there was even a cobweb or two), devoting my limited and finite minutes to writing fic no one wants to read, but, hell's bells. Still, rightclickdrool featured an Angus post, so I just may learn to love it afterall. Yay, Angus.

But still, 2,500? Isn't it meant to be Summer over there? Do you lot never go out of doors? Hmph.

Oh, I'm so cold. I just can't get warm. It's supposed to get better today, but, if anything, it's worse. Weird. I think I'm getting too old for this shit. At least in the UK I could have draped my clothes over the heater, which would have been a start. Ah, the indescribable miseries of an ice cold bra and dampish jeans.

I think I'm just lacking in red blood cells. It was a doozy.

Kicked til the last, too. I was all curled up and cozy under an insane number of doonas, watching Daniel be sex on a stick in Sylvia, and, well, let's just say I didn't get to drift off as planned. Cool fillum though, even if I was getting a bit "hurry up and die you depressed bint" towards the end, solely because it was getting lateish. I'm not familiar with Ms Plath's ouvre (curiously a writer of the feminine persuasion we skipped over in school) but I did once chugg through Ted's stuff for some reason or another, I think I might have actually liked it, so I recognised motifs in the film from his stuff, so I assume there was the same but more so for Sylvia.

I dunno, these days I think I was caught reading Sylvia I might worry some folks. Maybe not, they don't seem to care, really. I'll give her another burl. I think I found her a bit drippy before. Poetry very much depends on being in the right mood, I find. Plus, stuff I loved in my teens I now find wretched, and vice versa.

Wednesday: Tired, and not in the mood to play office games. I washed my hair last night so it's a total mess today. I look like Grandma Addams. Folks snicker and point.

Meanwhile, life goes on at the Ministry of Silly Walks. I get reamed by Brenda for not having my corner of the office in order, when it's the only part that is, and I came in extra early to do so, just so she wouldn't, but she did, anyway. I feel like ratshit. It's been like that all day, never mind all the stuff Blofeld wants done, and instantly, mind. And I'm slowly coming to the wretched conclusion that all the coughing and sneezing that too cool for school guy yesterday at the course did all over me wasn't from his death stick habit or the new bath gel I'd tried out. I feel like crap...(sniffle, hack, wheeze).

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