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hell week: day two

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  • TV Zone Special #47

  • TV Zone Special #47

  • TV Zone Special #47

  • TV Zone Special #47

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  • I can get through this week without committing murder, I'll be doing well. PMS, moving from nice desk to nasty desk, no more quiet time, no more Daniel, dinner with the disliked relatives and dealines. Oh, goodie. Co-worker breezed in at 11 and out at three. Nice for some. I could have just typed to myself as conditions were perfect but the muses were off sulking somewhere. Went home late as work arrived just as I was packing up to go home. I did go home after I accidentally whacked my head on the desk when I dived for something in my bag and forgot the desk was there. Oh yeah. Cue tweetie birds and stars. I could say I whacked my head on the desk when I read about the zombies in MB's new show, but that was this morning. Oh dear. Heh, I have zombies on the brain because I just downloaded a font called zombie and misread the recipe last night as carribean voodoo chicken instead of carribean avacado chicken. Hey, it might be the concussion talking (I have a cartoon sized bump on my head now) but I kinda liked the sound of carribean zombie chicken. Ah, you know I'm going to watching MB's new show just for the cholesterol (of all the cheese). That's one show that won't be getting a tick from the heart foundation.

    So anyway, I get handed a stack of crap to do when I wanted to go home. JD is cranky because I haven't added the new links. What new links - oh, silly me, I wasn't wearing my amazing Mento Helmet, the one that allows me to master telepathy. Imagine me slapping on a suitably Flash Gordony helmet, clutching my temples and frowning as though vaguely constipated. Wait - what's that? Yes, I'm getting a message now...JD wants new links added. I mean, crikey. Or, alternatively, jungle drums say Ghost Who Walks wants the pictures on the site overhauled, Bwhana. Or, you know, the sod could actually email me and formally request the new work to be done before sending his lackeys around to berate me for not doing updates I've yet to be asked to do. Sheesh. This is what I have to put up with, when I've lost the ability to suffer fools to live, never mind gladly. I swear, if I get through this week without completely snapping, I'll be very proud of myself.

    Roswell: Not a Julie Benz free zone, alas. I loathe her. Toby is still hunting aliens. Michael looks so young and...thin. Max looks Note: the boys sleep together regularly. It's canon. The aliens were depodded in '89, the same year Clark landed. How cute. '89 is one of those years I've personally done my level best to wipe from my memory.

    24: Nina just gave the AA bitch the look of death, just using her eyes, not scrunching up her face like lesser LA actrines. The SMH said the actingin 24 was crap, but they've obviously never seen Mutant X. KS is being all mad and bad again. Just for a moment KS looked exactly like his Dad when he was being a very naughty boy indeed. Keifer's Dad was in the Avengers once or twice, and that is just too cool.

    Band of Brothers: Too weird, watching a whole bunch of Brit actors of whom I'm very familiar with marching about sprouting Yank accents. A good role for Marc Warren at last and it's nice to see Damian playing an ok guy for once - he's an unspeakable bastard over on the Forsythe Saga. Perhaps that is the source of some of my confusion - there's Damian, one accent one night, another accent the next. Dashed versatile chaps, my Brit boys. It's all a bit po faced though. I keep thinking of Over Here/Over There because Sam West has just defined the po faced WWII hero for me, hilariously so. Oh you must see it, he's so brilliant in that. He has me rolling about in hysterics without even twitching so much as an eyebrow. He is a master of the British school of po faced comedy, ie, the ridiculousness of it all. All very Boys Own. Whoops, there goes Marc. No big surprise there as he was getting the old Sapper Salt closeups, so named after an unfortunate member of Danger UXB who finally got his big close up before he went boom. One review remarked that the telegraphibg of the deaths by way of lingering closeups was a failing of the series, but really, it's a convention of the genre, and therefore tradition. It's like showdowns and sunsets in a western, it's part of what makes a war movie. The young scared sooldier always buys it just after he's found his courage. Always. It reminds me of an episode of the Goodies, were one German guard tries to show the other his family photos and the other guard is screaming at him to keep away and yelling to the enemy that he has no family and he doesn't want to go home, so they have to shoot the other guy. One of my fave send ups of war movie cliches. Even Soldier Soldier played that one.

    Six Feet Under: Oh yeah, been there, done that, she thinks, watching the tv characters lives implode (qv 1989).

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  • Worth giving tourism the big banana
  • Zipper slips suffered in silence
  • Archeologists still trying to prove wreck is Endeavour
  • Beans banned from harvest festivals

    • David Chase, the creator of "The Sopranos," on TV drama:

      "Here's my problem with a lot of what I see," he said. "People communicate
      perfectly. They each have their concerns and their feeling that their
      personhood has been overlooked, cramped down and stultified by someone else.
      And then they proceed to give this bill of indictment to the other person,
      who then has to respond by hugging them or fighting back.

      "But people don't do that. People are passive-aggressive. People nurse
      grievances for I don't know how long. Communication is not clear. Meaning is
      not clear. Yet when you watch stuff nowadays everyone is saying exactly what
      they feel. In every law firm, hospital and police station, everybody is
      being so clear and direct about what they mean. Problems actually get
      solved, unlike real life."

      On "The Sopranos," he likes the camera to cut to a blank stare. Even if an
      actor shows a reaction, Mr. Chase and his producers will often throw away
      that piece of emotive film and replace it with a blank stare. "Most times
      people aren't listening when the other person is talking; they're
      formulating their next response. On `The Sopranos' it seems to me that
      people do a lot of justifying, but unlike a lot of other stuff that's
      around, you see their justifying for what it is — that it's rationalizing
      and escaping accountability. On a lot of television, the justifying is for
      real and we're actually supposed to feel for these people. Instead of
      saying, `Get a grip.' "



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