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last night's telly

Stargate: The Sentinel. And no Jim and Blair in sight (pout). Mikey looks really relaxed in this, like he's on the plane already, as we say of coworkers counting down the days to their holiday and basking in the light at the end of the tunnel. Daniel is making silly jokes and, yea gods, saving the day with the dang book learnin' of his, dagnabit, while Jack gets very clumsily captured. I'll just sit here til the Jaffa show up and arrest me - I mean, what the fuck?

What is this, bizzarro gate, or a return to form just before the end. Ain't it always the way. I rather liked that very intense young man spitting out his lines very earnestly, from whatever decimated SG team he was from. Lt Guest Toast, as we used to call them on the ol' SAAB list. Only he didn't get toasted. Not that he'll ever show up again. I'm not sure what the actor was trying to do but his efforts to impress kind of worked for the character anyway. I just found his sucking up to O'Neill amusing, and wasn't Jack just lapping it up. Poor Jack, just how long has it been since he's had command of a real little soldier boy.

The dirty dozen plot, or rather dirty two on SG's budget, well it reeked of hoary old Trek plot but hey, Danny was breathing and solving the case so I'm going to let it be give it a thumbs up. No J/D interaction at all, not even eye contact in the few scenes where they shared the same plot thread and set, but at least they weren't sniping meanly at each other, either. Man, if I'd been hankering fr one last shot of J&D, I'd have been pissed.

24: KS in dark shades -oooh. And who's the afiirmitive action mega bitch trampling all over Nina's patch? Kill her. What a cow. Poor Nina. I've warmed to Nina. The poor chick just can't get a break. Hate that new boss, she reminds me of ones I've had. Dreadful. I'm still amused that American's can't sms, email, gps or take piccies with their phones, cause it'd sure help track down the missus and the brat. And how did those cops not hear Jack yapping on his phone? Industrial deafness? Just how dumb are LA cops?

Dark Angel: Hold the phones, Original Cindy got a line this season. Holy smokes. What's with all the split screen? Ironic that it becomes uber trendy the year Frankenheimer dies. Actually, after sitting through hour after hour of split screen - uh, guys, it's starting to get old. It's like the latest net toy. So last week so quickly.

Stargate: Fire and Water. Rather scruel to screen this before Meridian. He's alive, he's dead, he's alive, he's dead. Watch Daniel writhe and groan in the orgasmatron under the excited control of that fishy luvey who looks like a distant counsin of D'argo. See Jack angst over his Danny. Compare and contrast. This is the J/D I loved. Watch Daniel's gofy fish dance. See Daniel enter the SG-1 wet t-shirt competition. See Hammond be "understanding" about Jack & Daniel.

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