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I'm livin' it but I'm not lovin' it

Friday: Stargate: Bloodlines, or how Mr Higher Being takes out a tank of Goa'ulds. Back when Daniel had strong opinions about the snakes. Back when DJ was exceedingly ammoral in his own way. Back when Daniel didn't stand around saying "we can't do that, it's wrong" (I imagine Daniel rehearsing saying "It's wrong" in front of the mirror like Faith did when she was Buffy). In fact, nothing works up an appetite for DJ like killing baby goa'ulds, 'cause he snacking on a choccie bar later. In fact he's into that choccie bar so much he has a real crisis when he has to drop it and grab his gun instead. Yeah, take out the Jaffa with a Three Musketeers bar, whydoncha.

Jack is having command issues again. The boy needs to be on top...of any situation. And please note just how happy Jack is to be on Chulak. I guess he's just saluting Bra'tec as a sign of respect. And you know you're in a cheesy SF show when they use apostrophes willy nilly all over the place. Meanwhile Sam and Danny are the B team. Think Willow and Xander. Think Willow and Xander a lot. The little dears.

Is it just me or is the father/son snake exchange scene vaguely disturbing? Or have I just been watching too much Smallville (my essay on how Smallville is sicker than Twin Peaks ever was, one of these days). Meanwhile, Sam and Daniel have stirred up the locals like a red ants' nest, as always. Bra'tec kicks arse, again.

Next week "there's something fishy going on." Thankyou, TV1. It's the Danny in the orgasmatron 3000 episode. "And when he put it on liquify, I wanted his baby!" Earth boys are easy, indeed.

Saturday: Well, at least one of my old friends still wants to see me, even if it is only on rare occassions. I catch her up on Smallville (yeah, how I suffer). Especially the Jason Connery episode. Now, Michael, I want you to grab every phallic object on the set and abuse it. Crikey. JC is looking good imho but SFX said he was crap, proving some things in genre tv never change. Ow.

Suddenly reminded of the time my train broke down in the highlands. It was between 9 and 10 at night, and one of my first experiences of twilight, as you could still see, though everything was shadows. So there we were and the deer came down the hill to laugh at us. Through the swirling blue mist strides a mighty stag with a full head of horns, black against the greyness, and I was suddenly in a Robin of Sherwood place, with Clannad playing in my head.

Anyways, back to Smallville and Clark is in the Kryptonite sauna writhing most fetchingly. Damn, the man can even make plaid look almost acceptable. Almost.

I Spy. Classic slashy goodness. I mean, seperate beds, who are the boys trying to kid? We marvel over the 60's fashions. There's a lot of orange, as both the femme fatale and Scotty manage to match the cushions, lamp and floral arrangement. Lots of long walks around the tourist traps. Lots of wrestling between the lads. The FF looks like she's been botoxed. Must have been an early plastic surgery job because she fails to achieve an expression for the entire episode. Just for once, the surveilance shots that look like studio head shots were part of the plot. The FF's couch, btw, needed to be taken out and buried. It was so lurid. The horror, the horror.

Next up, an entire hour of foreplay as Kelly bets Scotty he can't find him in Mexico City. Of course things turn dire as Kelly has been infected by anthrax and Scotty now has 24 hours to find his tricky pal. Much chasing through various tourist locales ensues (I've yet to do the I Spy tour of Tokyo or Mexico city). Nambla aside, a good episode, though it looks like Scotty took more than 24 hours to save his best bud, I won't quibble. I will remark on those swimmers of Kelly's at the end though. Yikes!

Sunday: Too bad there's no one left alive to appreciate the horror, the pain and the sheer America's Funniest Home Videos pathos of trying to move the world's heaviest cupboard from the laundry to the remaining shed and then trying to cover it with large queen sized sheets of plastic in a prevailing gale, but needless to say I'm covered in bruises, dirt and spiders again. Just love the way somebody had a tanty over being told what do to at the top of the stairs and I was left to catch said world's heaviest cupboard at the bottom of the stairs. Ouch.

I've lost two lavenders and a jasmine. The spanish lavender I mourn particularly. I bought it at some street stall somewhere and I was thrilled to bits tofind it because I'd just read a Sharpe fic that had made heavy use of Spanish lavender and I really wanted some as a homage to Sharpe in my garden. A lot of things in my garden had secret meanings like that. Sure, it was just a garden, but it was my refuge, my sanctuary, my escape from all the crap I've had to sit through these last 7 years. I'm talking about the silly Shannon Doherty styled pouties that people flounce out of my life with, but the big stuff, the loss of a parent, dog, boyfriend, job. All that I poured into my garden and it gave me comfort. It was my living breathing blankie. It was my friend when I had none. So, yeah, I feel a bit unravelled. If somebody trashed your church, you'd be peeved too. It feels like that. It was my church. It's stupid, but there it was.

Evil Mike Brady in Mission Impossible, and a Punani Hospital in Hawaii 5-0. Oh dear. Starsky & Hutch have gone back to crack hos and pushers but after the voodoo zombie vampire killers I'm thinking too little too late. That shark has been well and truly jumped. This one edges into silly with a hitman spreading the plague in LA. The annoying kid grows up to be the comedy foil in JAG. How's that for karma. I used to think they set dressed the place to make LA look especially seedy for tv, but no, it really is like that, as I discovered to my horror.

Found out I've won a fan award for one of my SG fics. I'm gleeful but it's a guarded whoo because considering what I was up against in he cross over field it's kinda like being elected leader of the Aiustralian Democrats. And just as bitchy too, no doubt. The chick fights on the emos sure do resemble fan fights, no doubt.

Barely into resizing the pics on my site out of necessity - I've run out of room - and I've had my first complaint. Typical. I feel the need to make up a small gif along the lines of "...and the horse you rode in on" for occassions such as these.

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