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Biehn for breakfast. Usually I'm watching Buffy if I'm watching anything at all when I get up in the mornings but occassionally they'll slap on a film at the exciting time of 4 am and this time the well deserved time slot was filled by the entirely awful Cherry Falls. Damn me if he isn't still cute in that, though. Oh, whatever happened to my critical faculties? I seem to be in a silly mood again this morning, in spite of my life rolling into a nasty lee shore.

This SV preview is rated MA:

    They roared out of the garage, squealing down the drive. They laughed together, pushing the car as fast as it would go down the private road. Lex had expected Clark to be overwhelmed by the power of the car, but Clark was in complete control, mastering the car and driving it hard, pushing it to its limits. Fiercely beautiful in his concentration, Clark took the curve onto the main road like a pro, changing down like he'd been driving LeMans for years, and roared off, keeping the needle precisely ten above the speed limit. Lex was in awe. Clark was in full flight, angry and snarling and yet in complete command of the car and the road and his destiny, and it was a thing of terrible beauty. Lex had never seen this side of Clark before, this dark, powerful side. He'd suspected it was there, hidden deep, but he'd never imagined just how intensely arousing just the sight of it could be.

Bro was amused how, according to the 10 min Ch9 version of Smallville, the Metropolis police pursued Tony Todd all the way to Smallville for the murder of a door. Man, those Metro cops take vandalism really seriously. You think that's silly? You should try watching the hacked to bits versions. Anyone would think Clark really was a Thunderbird puppet, simply for his inability to walk in and out of rooms, ie the action always picks up and cuts out mid-scene. Thankggodness the 'plots' are always the same, so we can take a guess at what's going on. I still don't know why everyone was so upset over Tony breaking a door though. J

At least the meeting I was kept back for last night went okay. The people I'm doing that project for were all women, and it was like being able to breathe again. I guess it's what I'm used to, after an all girl school, an almost all girl uni degree and ten years an a virtually all girl office (bar the upper eschelon to whom I had no reason to see or speak to anyway). These last few years in male dominated IT Depts have been rough. So nice to be in a meeting where one could explain one's ideas, rather than having to bitterly defend them. So much nicer. I got home late but Bro, inexplicably, helped me get a month's work uploaded on the page. Sigh, I spend so much time on my pages I've no time to look at anyone elses. Sometimes I wish I could be just a spectator, inside of filling niches early on and now having to provide a service, until my dying day, apparently.

Feeling slightly more virtuous, having attended to James & Colin in my lunch break. That movie Irene mentioned has finally opened here, but in the posh suburbs, which makes it a three hour commute by bus there and a three day walk back, transport being what it is. Maybe I can save up the taxi fare before it closes. No budget for popcorn though. I hope I'm losing weight. Telling myself I shouldn't eat lunch or I can't really afford it never really worked. Having no money for lunch or breakfast, that works. Weirdly though, I'm working harder than I have in weeks, albeit mostly on my own stuff as my various projects sit on various managerial desks at work. I like to call trying out new ideas on my page 'tutorials' - 90% of the stuff I try on my pages that works I use for work anyway, so it really is a training/R&D exercise. Really it is. J



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