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Today's pics: Orlando, Jeremy, Jude, Ewan, Christian, Clive
McGregor follows Brando's lead to star in 'Guys and Dolls'
"Kingdom of Heaven" Tokyo Premiere - Red Carpet
"Kingdom of Heaven" Tokyo Premiere - Inside
‘Kingdom’ Heaven
Clive Owen's Co-Star Believes That He Will Be The Next James Bond
Paul Bettany: The more affordable version of Jude Law!
So far, all James Bond updates are rumors, just rumors
Superman vs. Batman: A fanboys wet dream
Supes vs. Batman
Ewan's movie moans
Mullan nearly sent McGregor to early grave
Daniel Craig named next James Bond
Daniel Craig tipped to take 007 licence
Jude Law wanted to marry at ten,,50001-1178149,00.html
Jude flogs marital home
Daniel and Rhys have an inseparable Bond

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