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24: My blondie bear is still king of the vampires, ie, I love it when he gets mean and dangerous.

QAF: When Sharon Gless waddled on I realised to my horror that I'd inflicted Cagney and Lacey on myself this week. Yikes. And wasn't she referenced in the original version, which is on Fox8 tonight, after Smallville. Between two versions of QAF, 6FU and Smallville, why, there's almost a glut of cute young boys making goo goo eyes at each other, amongst other things. As much as I enjoy all this ogling, I must admit I do rather enjoy the Brighton Beach nudge nudge wink wink of old, or why I spend Saturday mornings crying into my cocopops over amiguously fruity cartoons. If the Super Friends weren't bad enough there was the Fantastic Four last week. Super Villain of the week shows up wearing what look like Daisy Duke's cut offs. "Ha!" he declares. "You never thought I'd survive! [their last encounter]". Bro pipes up with "At first I was afraid, I was petrified..." and we're still cackling over that when the SV demands they bring forth "the flaming one" and we're still tittering over that when The Thing invokes the name of Rock Hudson. Oh dearie me.

The following SV preview is rated PG:

    "It's not the end of the world, Clark," Lex chided softly, amused at Clark's adolescent angst. Ah, if a snub from a pretty girl at high school had been the most of his worries at sixteen. Clark didn't know when he was lucky.

    Clark, moody and churlish, sulked at Lex's apparent indifference and rummaged in Lex's pockets for the hip flask he knew was there and that would make its usual appearance later in the evening as the sun set, as Lex grew mellow.

    "Hey," Lex batted him off, laughing. "That tickles."

    Clark ignored him, determined to drown his sorrows.

    "Hey, easy, soldier." Lex snatched back his silver flask, seeing half of it start to disappear down Clark. He'd expected a cough or a splutter but no, Clark was quite prepared to drain the thing like it was gatorade.

    Lex could see now that Clark was actually upset, and not just pouting for the sake of it, introspective little beast that he was, and Lex grew serious, sliding forward on the old weathered couch.

    "It really isn't the worst thing that can happen," he reminded his friend.

    "Thanks," Clark threw back at him, still feeling mocked and teased. "Now give me the lecture about there being plenty other fish in the sea, or tomorrow is another day."

    Lex chuckled. "Well, there are, and it is."

    Clark shot him another look.

    "You're going to tell me I'm sounding like you're father, aren't you," Lex realised with mild horror.

    Clark lit up with a wicked grin. Well, it was almost worth it, for that.

After that Lex and I were both rudely interupted. Pout. Fic interuptus. Yesterday on the bus home I was musing how I should be nicer to Mary in my fic. Much like Buffy she reminds me of a dear friend, the one who, in her own words, will crawl over ten decent guys to get to the bad boy. Oh yeah, does Chris push all of Mary's bad boy buttons, and how, and he knows it, the cad. Which is part of his charm, I guess. I do like Mary. She's just a bitch in my fic because I need conflict and I need people to remain disapproving of Ezra, and Mary, JD and Nathan are it. Besides, it's not too long a bow to draw that she'd be peeved at Ezra for being openly flamboyant, and flirting with the very men Mary has her own fancies set at. It's not that she's mean, it's just that she's jealous. I must make sure that her motivation is clearly one of competition.

Heh, they just played Japan on the radio. Oh happiness, oh nostalgia. The server at work still isn't speaking to me, or to most anyone else, either. This means I'm at rather a loose end. I could be getting that SV fic out of my head and into pixels but alas, Spy Woman is out and about, reporting on any untoward activities, so that's right out. Hopefully, this looks like code...

Deeply depressed as I am at the moment over not being able to travel like my friends, being not merely broke but in debt as well as having to uproot the last of my garden, just when my mulberry bush was getting its first mulberries and my struggling lavender was sending up new shoots instead of dying back for the first time in ages, and if that wasn't bad enough, I have to clear out the laundry, the shed and under the house of the all the crap Dad and I have packratted away... throwing out my stuff is bad enough, but Dad's stuff...I don't really need wonder why I'm not sleeping at all of late or suffering eternal migraines - not happy - but on the positive side, the way Bush is going, I might not have to worry about debts, destroying memories or withering plants in the for much longer. Oh well, at least I managed to fix that bug in my database. Wish I could have the time and means to get that stupid SV fic out of my head, so I can concentrate on M7...



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