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buns of the magnificent seven

Stargate: It's hammer time! I've always liked this one. This was the episode where I fell for Danny, and the cereluean blue haze is wafting gently around me once more. Maybe it's those big blue eyes or the way the sun catches his hair...arrgh, not again. I also liked the fact that the bits of mythology appropriated were used correctly and worked well with the story, and DJ's angst is perfectly within character. I also really dig the Unas. Come with me Jack, turn to the dark side...heh.

Saturday: Super Friends: "Come on Robin, we've got some swinging to do." Nuff said, really. S&M, ghost pirates and a vibrator in the old bat utility belt, apparently. I was crying with laughter, I really was. There is no way that subtext is accidental.

I can't believe I volunteered to do more taping, when I'm already so far behind in my obligations. But's it's M7, and any excuse will do for a viewing. Chris, Ezra, Vin, Buck. All good, all the time. Then I popped in K's tape and wandered off to attend to other duties. Came back and the vcr and tv had turned themselves off. Either we had a brownout or my dear departed Dad draws the line at dreary RDA telemovies. Can't say as I blame him. Shall leave the rest for tomorrow as it's getting late.

Tonight is Big Kev night. I'm quite liking Andromeda, though I forgot to tape it again. Curious mental block. This week really reminded me of Miri. It definitely has that old Trek feel. Corny and clunky, but more old school Trek than Enterprise, I dare say. Mutant X is that unlovely child you try to love, but it just ain't gonna happen. It just sucks so badly. The plots, the scripts, the acting, it's just all bad.

Dark Angel, belatedly. So she goes into the tunnels beneath Manticore and mets a gentle half man half beast who is always banging on abouth the Father who made him and named him. Uh huh. Only he's not Vincent because he's half dog this time. Yeah, right. Suddenly I'm hugely nostalgic for Beauty and the Beast.

Smallville on dvd. Yeah, I need help with the dvd thing but it was way cool to see it complete and uncut, with all those little details Ch9 deemed unimportant, like Lex hitting Clark with his car (cut in the Ch9 screening but ironically in the opening creds every week). Heh, nearly all the deleted scenes were of Pete. Imagine that. Nice scene of Ma Kent fretting over whether young Clark can ever had a sex life. At least she's read 'Woman of Kleenex.' Stuff I can use in my fic, at any rate, which was the whole point.

Sunday: There was going to be a lot of woe is me but lets skip all that and just say I'm suffering from my cinderella complex again, miserable and frustrated at having to conform and perform to everyone's needs but my own, 24/7. I'm feeling used and abused again but when the sun goes down they go to bed and this time my x-taping project is M7, even if it is 1-2 episodes a night. So I curl up in the room where my Dad killed himself and drool over Chris and Ezra and Vin and Buck. It's whacked, I know, but it's my life. Taping done, I manage to catch most of the Forsythe Saga. Boring as so I'm jotting plot notes to myself until I hear the voice of Gill's little boy. Oh my yes. And that last close up on Io-Io with that wicked, smouldering smile of his...Dribble. Very nice indeed.

I realise I've been remiss in not reviewing the M7 eps I sat through, all though they all started to run into each other. One that stands is Wagon Train, mainly because I had to do part 1 twice because it ran out of tape two minutes before the end, mutter NTSC mutter. Ezra is absolutely adorable in this, and I can't understand why AS doesn't have a series because Ezra is one of the most scene stealing, engaging tv creations, ever. Here he's being playful with Buck (all that horseplay must surely count as foreplay) and Nathan, of all people, betting with Buck and trying to wheedle a gold mine out of Nathan, and failing cheerfully in both. Poor Ezra also ends up on the wrong side of Vin's mood, but so does everyone as naughty Vin in engaging in a spot of adultry and all his friends cop a serve of surliness from the lad. Particularly Chris. Tsk. Chris is being wicked in his own way, though. Mary is being wooed by another and, though never, ever doing anything to show a definite interest in the lass he plays up to her all flirty so she turns the other guy down. Now this ain't fair, as Chris has demonstrated no real interest in Mary, but heaven forbid somebody else should sniff around. He demonstrates much the same behaviour with Vin, so it's all very amusing, in a highly dysfunctional co-dependent kinda way. Other points: Nathan tells Ezra to stop drinking so much in Vendetta and Wagon Train. Buck in Love and Honour - oh my. Let's see. New Law: not a Firth free zone (ie Mr Darcy's older, uglier brother comes to town and for fek's sake keep him away from the horses). The boys in uniform - yum. Buck being Buck - too cute. Vin's remark about finding out "where Ezra slithered off to". You only diss the ones you love. Sins of the Past: Poor, poor Ezra, being utterly destroyed by his hellbitch of a mother again (only in Greek mythology could you find a worse one). Meanwhile Vin is off to be hung For A Crime He Didn't Commit, but nobody seems all that concerned. Perhaps they know Chris'll save his Vin and are reluctant to interfere. Chris saves Vin all right, but kills Eli Joe, ie, the one armed man (okay, in this case two arms and the dodgiest accent on tv, like, ever). Oops. Love and Honour. Buck and Ezra waving swords about. Swoon. Thud. Nuff said. The sword fight was choreographed by Anthony de Longis, who did a few for Highlander, natch. Vendetta: Aside from that crap actor playing Chris' dad in law, not bad. Tyne Daly leaves bite marks on all the scenery and Ezra has some fine moments, in fact: Ezra Saves The Day with a foolhardy and courageous act. Yay Ezra. Buck also does some nice wincing. These two episodes have some nice Chris/Buck moments where they demonstrate a great deal of concern for each other but it always spills quickly into acrimony as their respective egos clash. One does wonder what they were like as young tearaways. I mean the whole Chris was off carousing with Buck when his family was killed put a definite crimp in the friendship, but I wonder how those two were before. I guess they're such intimate and old friends that they can take huge verbal whacks at each other and still be on speaking terms the next day.



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