mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

International Elvis Day

Thursday: Why, why, why, Bro and I ask ourselves. They're making a Wonder Twins movie. what the fuck? And who would you cast? Will they try to update those natty purple togs?

I've been reminded of the essay "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex". I remember reading this back at uni, heck, I've even subconsciously referenced it several times in my fic already. But it does rather put a crimp in my plans. I mean, how am I supposed to get Tab A into Slot B without bruising the boy, as Spike would say. I guess I can repeat to myself it's just a fic, but my readers are often not ones to just sit back and relax. Especially that fuckbitch who flamed me this morning. Hey, I said I wouldn't sulk, I never said anything about not brooding or pouting. Especially as I'm still grindingly unwell, oozing nasty stuff from just about every orifice. Damn endometritus. Unfun.

Heh, just found out 24 is being released on DVD in the UK. Well, that'd free up my week nights. :)

Stargate: Whee. I'm having fun. I know the episode is pants, as they say in SFX, but I'm so lightheaded now the swoop in over the lake at the beginning was...wheee! Of course, muggins here was so light headed she forgot to hit the record button. Oh well, guess I'm committed to that dvd then. Lookit - my Colin, being all dour and serious. Go Col, go! Whee! Yeah, yeah, big whacking asteroid, seen it all before. At least there were some funny lines - the bomb bit remined me of Scarecrow and Mrs King or even Moonlighting, and Sam had the decency to look embaressed over the enormous implausability of the plot turns. Honey, sweetie, I watch Smallville. I've long since given up on plausable explanations in my tv shows. At least Sam gave it a college try, unlike Smallville, who keep telling me to ignore the man behind the curtain. Their catch all meteorite excuse is almost as bad as Jack's obsession with magnets. Yeah, I liked this one. Jack was funny, Daniel was useless but at least he was there, Hammond was heroic, Davis flounced and fretted, Janet got a look in, Teal'c got the same three words, repeated over and over, and Sam saved the day, again, but had the good graces to look sheepish about it.

Friday: Now I'm depressed. A friend is off to Italy and I haven't even gotten around to signing up for Italian classes yet. If only I could stop buying dvds and going to cons, I could afford to go tomorrow. I must be more stern with myself, even though dvds's are like crack for me. I must abstain if I ever want to peek at the ruins. Oh well, long months of self sacrifice to tend to lend it the air of a religious pilgrimage. Like my trip to the UK. all the meals skipped, buses and taxis eschewed, clothes mended and luxuries denied, just so I could buy the plane ticket. I must get over there again. I will get over there again. But I'm also not sorry I ordered the next box of Robin of Sherwood. I love that show. No, no, I must resist...



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